One Person Can Make Or Break A Brand’s Image

We’ve all interfaced with companies as we shop for products and services. Sometimes we talk to representatives in person, such as at a retail store, while other times it may be through an online chat or call into customer care. Regardless of where the interaction occurs, each conversation can make or break a company’s image and affect the

likelihood of future purchases. Our colleague, Maria-Fernandez-Riddick, shares a perfect example of this when contacting her bank. What could have resulted in a frustrating incident turned into a positive experience thanks to a representative who fixed Maria’s situation at the moment she needed a resolution.

We share this story as it demonstrates what we believe is critical for business success. Companies need to focus on making people feel that they are heard and cared for. When this happens, customers remain loyal and share with others about their experiences. They tell even more people when they are unhappy, creating bad press that can have negative consequences for brands.

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