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Top Traits of Customer Experience Leaders

It is not a coincidence that innovative companies like Disney, Apple, Zappos, and Amazon are leading brands. They share in common a priority on creating exceptional experiences and ensuring satisfaction at every point of the customer journey. They also
have leaders who focus on driving a customer-first culture. Whether leaders are individual contributors, executives or frontline employees, they know what is needed to motivate and inspire others in DoingCXRight resulting in customer loyalty, increased revenue, and overall business results.


Author and keynote speaker, Blake Morgan, provides answers to this question in a Top 20 list. While I agree with all twenty, the following leadership traits resonate most:

  • Listening. Leaders actively listen to comments and suggestions from both employees and customers to learn what experiences can be improved.
  • Decision-Making. Leaders not only get Voice of Customer (VOC) and Voice of Employee (VOE) feedback, but they also take action to implement changes from insights gained. They are “willing to pull the trigger and make hard decisions” without delay.
  • Trustworthy and Honest. Leaders follow through on commitments and are transparent. They are “open about their actions, motivations, and the state of the company. If something goes wrong, a leader does not try to hide it or avoid talking about it—they are open and address every situation.”
  • Empathy and Caring. Leaders put themselves in others “shoes” to understand how customers feel at each point of the journey. Similarly, they connect with employees at all levels to maximize retention. Leaders know it is “more than just the money — it’s about caring for people and helping make their lives easier and better.”
  • Responsibility. Instead of blaming others when issues arise or claim all the credit for success, leaders “win and lose with their team.” They own failures and use learnings to make future improvements. “Instead of just being the figurehead in charge of a team, they are alongside the employees to get the work done and make sure it is done right.”

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be sharing more useful tips to build new CX skills and expertise for personal career growth.  

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