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How To Walk The CX Talk

According to Forrester, “84% of companies aspire to be customer experience leaders, but only 1 out of 5 deliver good or great CX.” Having worked in the field and studied Customer Experience topics for many years, I understand why and have some solutions to be truly customer-centric and not just say it.

1. Observation: Companies say “delivering excellent customer experiences” is important and part of their mission statements. Yet, they do not provide CX training to employees nor have an organizational structure to deliver on the “customer first” promise. Recommendation: Build a CX organization that partners with every department to implement best practices and proven CX methodologies. Deploy an employee certification program to build their skill sets. I personally like Rutgers Customer Experience education course. Read about my class experience here.

2. Observation: Companies track customer experiences based on a single metric that does not reveal the full picture of customer satisfaction and sentiments. Recommendation: leverage powerful tools and platforms in the marketplace such as ForeSee, Medallia, OpinionLab, Qualtrics, or others. The key is to measure customer metrics holistically, prioritize pain points and fix identified issues (close the loop).

3. Observation: Companies do not empower their employees to do what is best for the customer. Call center reps, for example, read from a script without really listening to what customers are saying and then offer solutions that don’t address customer pain points. This happened to me recently. Read my story about a well known online retailer and key lessons learned. Recommendation: Build a CX culture where employees are RECOGNIZED and REWARDED for demonstrating customer empathy and turning dissatisfying experiences into pleasant ones.

4. Observation: Businesses compete on price rather than delivering value. Recommendation: Figure out how to give customers something extra that serves as a brand differentiator without a huge investment. Read my story on how Stacy’s Pita Chips created a MEMORABLE UNEXPECTED CX experience that keeps me buying and telling others years after the situation occurred.

5. Observation: Companies focus on delivering Wow moments without fixing actual issues that caused the need for a customer “sorry” gift. Recommendation: get customer experience basics right, and you will not need to invest extra to keep customers loyal. If you missed our recent CX article about “a bottle of champaign cannot save your brand,” read here.

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