14 Effective Ways To Celebrate CX Day (and beyond)

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Have you heard about Customer Experience / CX Day? It is a real day. I did not make it up. I am passionate about people celebrating everywhere because as my friend Stan Phelps explains in Forbes, “happy loyal customers do not happen without happy engaged employees.” Consequently, I have been leading CX Day festivities over the years and highly recommend you do too. It is a terrific way to drive awareness about the importance of CX, increase employee engagement, and thank them for driving customer excellence. It is also a good time to publicize to customers about your commitment to delivering best-in-class experiences.

What Is CX Day?

An international organization, called CXPA, spearheads CX Day each year. You don’t have to be a member to celebrate the day; however, people get a lot of value from being part of the organization. I can tell you more about my experiences if interested.


Video source: Schindler Elevator Corp

Who Celebrates CX Day?

Companies around the world celebrate annually. There’s a long list of admirable brands including SAP, Microsoft, Dell, Hewlett Packard, and more. I’ve introduced CX Day at my workplace, Schindler Elevator Corporation. (photos below). We celebrated in a big way across the globe in 2019 and already planning for 2020.

How To Celebrate?

There are a lot of ways to make CX Day memorable at your company. If you have a team to focus on it, then I recommend doing a lot of activities from the list below. If not, then keep things small and build up in the future. Do something and continue it into Customer Service Week too.

Ideas To Get You Started and Keep The  Momentum Going:

  1. Plan team meetups with a celebratory cake
  2. Recognize internal employees for demonstrating customer excellence, i.e. most improved NPS score year over year
  3. Send customer thank you notes and token gifts of appreciation
  4. Conduct fireside chats – customers or CX experts or CX initiatives
  5. Offer CX Swag – Banners, Balloons, Stickers, Buttons, Shirts
  6. Provide CX Training – customer listening, closing the loop, driver analysis, design-thinking, journey mapping +. There are a few reputable University Certification programs I recommend. (Contact me for info and 20% discount code).
  7. Post photos of activities on intranet & social media channels for the world to see
  8. Host a CX Day event for your customers – breakfast, lunch, cocktails
  9. Create a CX room to inform & share CX progress. For remote teams, create a virtual room
  10. Highlight amazing employees. If you conduct customer surveys, share them at team meetings, especially ones that customers rave about employees by name.
  11. Create a CEO video email message thanking employees for creating passionate promoters
  12. Lead a contest that involves both customers and employees
  13. Encourage employees to join webinars on CX Day. Examples here and attend local events
  14. Hang CX posters throughout company locations. You can find plenty of inspiration to print and distribute here.

Additional Considerations:

  • Leverage CX Day as a way to strengthen internal relationships. I have noticed that traditional silos often change as a result of planning cross-team activities together.
  • Use the day for branding opportunities. Partner with your marketing / PR team to design assets highlighting admiration for customers. They may also have trinkets and swag for events.
  • Use hashtag #CXDay on social media to help everyone find and amplify your involvement. Post before, during, and after CX Day.

How Will You Celebrate CX Day? Better Yet, Celebrate CX All Year Long.

I would love to hear your stories. Please join conversations on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Let’s keep the conversations going to humanize experiences and maximize happiness everywhere.

p.s. Below shows you the power of intention. I brought CX Day to my workplace. It was bigger than I ever imagined across the globe. It “took a village” to pull it off, and I’m grateful for all the Executives, Sales, HR, Marketing, Operations, My CX Team and everyone who made the day a huge success. CX Day doesn’t stop. We’re keeping the momentum going.

Photos are taken by me and Schindler as featured on social media

*Views expressed are Stacys and do not reflect opinions or imply endorsement of employers and other organizations. Top 14 list is a compilation of my Stacy’s tactics as well as ideas from CXPA and Medallia.


*All views expressed are Stacys and do not reflect the opinions of or imply the endorsement of employers or other organizations.


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