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B2B versus B2C. Which Matters More For CX?

Does Customer Experience matter more for B2C companies (business to consumer) or B2B (business to business)? The answer is they both matter equally. The reason is because people buy from people. B2B buyers are behaving like consumers more than ever before. CX methodologies differ but the principles and best practices are similar and very important to apply.… Continue reading →

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CX Lessons From An Uber Ride

I have used Uber many times over the years. I always request a driver at the moment I need transportation. But recently, I tested out Uber’s pre-scheduling option for a ride to the airport. At the beginning of my journey, my experience was excellent. Then a glitch happened that shifted my … Continue reading →

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Why you should care about Employee Experience

It’s important to note that the employee experience starts well before the employee signs on the dotted line. Consider that your candidates may already know the brand through their own interactions as customers; or they may know someone who works – or has worked – for the company. So let’s start there, with the employer brand. Just as your brand is important to attracting and retaining customers, your employer brand attracts potential employees and drives whether they’ll want to stay. How does your employer brand impact the business?… Continue reading →

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