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Customer Experience is a new topic for many of us and although it feels like we just discovered it a few years ago, it really has been with us for many years. We are just redefining it now in the fast-paced digital world that surrounds us. We know that CX can feel overwhelming at times. Here you can find the resources that we are using to keep up with the change in Customer Experience. We feature courses we take, books we read or any resource of information that we find useful. We hope that we are able to demystify the topic of Customer Experience for you. Happy learning!

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Besides “on the job” training, reading books and taking courses, a great way to increase your business skills is by attending informative events. Attend the The RU-Disrupt Innovation Summit October 26, 2018  to hear from over 25 influential and inspirational speakers planned covering important topics described below. In addition to interactive discussions, Q&A segments, and expert panels, attendees will also have the opportunity to network with high-level leaders across diverse industries, such as Oracle, Dun & Bradstreet, Verizon, AIG, Johnson & Johnson, Comcast, and more. This exclusive event is by invitation only through Rutgers University.  DoingCXRight subscribers may attend the summit and SAVE 20% ($239) using a special promo code until the event is sold out. Seating is limited. Continue Reading Continue Reading →

Rutgers Customer Experience Certification Program

Delivering great customer experiences has become a top priority for many companies. Given the increased focus, employees with CX skills are in great demand. While on the job training and reading books provide great learnings, completing a formal education program can accelerate one’s knowledge. I began exploring academic programs that would expand my understanding of CX best practices as well as provide an opportunity to meet people (Continue Reading…)

The Effortless Experience (book)

“The Effortless Experience” will give you a great competitive advantage in the human capital market place. It is a must read if you want to learn more about the customer experience metric that is mostly correlated to increase in revenues. This book will take you beyond CSAT (customer satisfaction scores) and NPS (net promoter score). Even if you do not agree with Matthew Dixon, you should know this approach. You never know. Your boss might believe in effort scores? We refer to this book in our “CX Bold Moves: Mobile provider eliminates remote workforce” post.

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Chief Customer Officer 2.0 (book)

Jeanne Bliss wrote a fantastic introductory book, Chief Customer Officer 2.0, that we highly recommend for anybody who is interested to learn more about the value of investing in customer experience. This book is also great for anybody who is just starting Continue Reading →

2017 Consumer’s Voice Report

If you are looking for insight into consumer expectations, The Consumer’s Voice: Opinions, Perceptions and Expectations, from the Customer Experience Management Benchmark Series, produced by COPC and Execs in the Know, is a must read. Purchase and download the report and read more about the findings from this group of intelligent and insightful customer experience thought leaders.
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Jargon Dictionary

Have you ever been overwhelmed by jargon or felt out of the loop because of the trendy business terms thrown around by consultants and executives?  You must check out this Jargon Buster from Smith + Co. This is the most comprehensive digital dictionary we Continue Reading →

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