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You are managing one or two people and need to bring more awareness about CX in the organization. You need to partner with your peers to change existing processes/procedures and edit training materials. You do not know where to begin with CRM.


You need to set up a VOC program, prioritize who to hire first, and understand which vendor is the best for your needs. You need to prove the value of your team fast to get bigger budget for next year.You need to build the CX business case, collaborate with the operation and IT for tangible business impact.


You need to transform the culture of your organization and put the customer at the center of it. You need to convince the board to make CX a strategic priority in the next five year plan and invest in your programs. You need to leverage CRM and big data to generate higher profits. You need to set up the right departments in the right roll up in the organization for most impact.

So how does it work?

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