Stacy Sherman talks about the importance of onboarding experience and best practices.

Customer & Employee Onboarding Best Practices (CX Podcast)

First impressions can make or break any brand’s success. CloudCherry (Citrix) recently interviewed me about the importance of onboarding experiences and best practices.

During the podcast, we discuss:

    • What are key moments that matter during the onboarding experience with customers and employees?
    • How can businesses ensure a smooth onboarding experience? What are the biggest challenges to watch for?
    • What are some areas brands can leverage to educate their teams around onboarding?
    • My favorite brands excelling at customer experience, and reasons that others can replicate at their workplace.

Stacy Sherman Podcast Episode About DoingCXRightLISTEN TO EPISODE

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what’s your method to onboard employees and customers to elevate first impressions?

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