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While you can read all about DoingCXRight online, you can also find us offline speaking at events, where we discuss innovative ways to improve customer experiences for business success as well provide guidance to individuals who want to advance their CX skills. Contact us if you would like to have us as speakers at your next Customer Experience event.

*All opinions expressed on the DoingCXRight Blog and site pages are the authors' alone and do not reflect the opinions of or imply the endorsement of employers or other organizations.


Webinar: Strategies to Build & Leverage Personalized Customer Experiences

  • Are you wondering what data you need to deliver more relevant experiences to your customers?
  • Do you want to know how customer personalization is defined?
  • Are your marketing campaigns personal, because you address your customers by name or send the right content, at the right time, through the right channels?

    Get the answers to these questions and expand your #CX skills by listening to Liliana’s session with Argyle 
    that aired on 9/25/18.

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Stacy Sherman & DoingCXRight

Extraordinary Stories From Every Day People (Podcast)

Beyond6Seconds interviews Stacy Sherman about a variety of topics including:

  • What inspired her to start DoingCXRight back in 2017 and advice for others who are passionate about a topic yet don’t know how to get started.
  • How she balances work, family, friends, blogging and all the other parts of her life by being intentional about how she spends her time.
  • How writing with authenticity has built her credibility as a blogger and woman in corporate America.
  • How she uses feedback from her readers to refine the themes she writes about.

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Podcast: What is AI

Tune in to listen to Liliana Petrova and Justin Smith Ph.D. having a conversation about AI. In it they share their biggest fears and highest expectations from this new technology.

Some of the questions they answer are:

  1. How do you describe AI to someone not in the field?
  2. What’s the greatest barrier to AI adoption – bad data
  3. Will humans have to work longer and harder or vice versa

AI will be as powerful as we let it be!

Get the answers to these questions and expand your #CX skills by listening to Liliana’s session with Justin

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Video: How to design restaurant experience with the customer in mind

Watch the conversation between  Liliana Petrova and Marcus Guiliano on best practices for restaurant CX Design.

Some of the questions they answer are:

  1. Do you really need a podium for the host?
  2. How to use technology and maintain hospitality?
  3. Is open table a must for Restaurant Owners and what CX pain is it solving for guests?

Get the answers to these questions and expand your #CX skills by listening to Liliana’s session with Marcus.

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Stacy Sherman Interview about Customer Experience

Future of Field Service Interviews Stacy Sherman

According to Field Technologies, improving customer experience was reported as the #1 strategic initiative for 76% of service organizations surveyed. While some of these field service organizations are really embracing CX and implementing a true strategy, others know that CX is something they should be focusing on, so they claim to have a “CX focus” without much actual strategy or action behind it. Read Stacy Sherman’s Interview in the debut issue of Field Services.

CX Interview - Stacy Sherman

HFI Interviews Stacy Sherman: UX / CX Success Story

Human Factors International (HFI) interviews Stacy Sherman about her successes and achievements in designing best-in-class online buying experiences based on a focus on Customer Experiences (CX), User Design (UX) and a holistic test and learn approach. Learn about how she makes it easier for prospects to order products and services as well as enable existing customers to upgrade and add-on services with ease.  Continue Reading →

Customer Experience Discusses Ways Of DoingCXRight

CX Data Is Instrumental To ‘Getting It Right’ (Video)

Stacy Sherman was interviewed by ForeSee, a pioneer in customer experience analytics. She also presented at their well known CX event in Arizona, where hundreds of business leaders attended from across different industries. Stacy discussed how her company’s VOC strategy is essential to keeping their customers satisfied along with other topics related to CX measurements.  Continue reading →

Liliana Petrova CX COnference Speaker

CX Exchange Travel & Hospitality #CXTHUS

On 5/24/18, Liliana Petrova spoke at the Customer Experience Exchange Travel & Hospitality conference in Florida covering the ROI of Customer Experience. Topics included:

  • Translating customer experience improvements into clear business value for organizations.

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Connect:ID 2018 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center (Audio)

On May 1st, 2018 Liliana Petrova, CCXP was a featured panelist on “Getting to the Gate On Time.” Liliana and her fellow experts discussed biometrics, air travel and customer experience. Listen to the panel discussion, in full, below.

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JetBlue Panel on Customer Experience

JetBlue Customer Experience Innovation Panel (Video)

On October 3rd, 2017 to celebrate #CXDAY and the birthday of DoingCXRight, we are joined by JetBlue on the blog to discuss customer experience, technology, and finding the sweet spot between looking to the future and meeting customer needs now.

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2017 #Argyle Customer Experience Leadership Forum

On April 20th our Liliana was the keynote  at the 2017 Argyle Customer Experience Leadership Forum. She talked about JFK T5 Lobby Transformation and shared lessons learns and her personal journey implementing self-service in the check-in process of the airline. Continue reading →

2018 American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) Symposium

On 3/1/18, Liliana Petrova presented at the #AirportSymp industry with a panel about the topic of Autonomous Airport. As we move toward a more automated culture, most travelers will adapt to a Jetsonian, automated lifestyle, and every industry we know will be disrupted. For those of us in aviation, this signals the shift from aviation as a service industry to a more transactional activity devoid of the personal touches which made the romance of flight an event. Continue Reading →

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