Delivering great customer experiences has become a top priority for many companies. This focus makes professionals with CX skills more marketable. While on the job training and reading books provide great learnings, completing a formal education program can accelerate your knowledge. Here is why we recommend Rutgers:


Class content is relevant and applicable. You will gain access to helpful tools that you can bring back to your job to make an impact. (See an example of Journey Mapping template that can be downloaded for free and use right now.)


Classes are taught by top executives and leaders with CX expertise. Speakers share meaningful examples of best practice for building exceptional customer experience. Two sections that stand out most are measuring customer experience and building a customer-centric organization.


The Rutgers course online is convenient and does not require majore disruptions at the work place. Many choose the in-person classroom option and enjoy it just as much for other reasons. You learn the exact SAME information. The projects are also the same. Regardless of channel, make sure you network too! Take advantage of the connections and knowledge sharing.


It is a real, university-backed program – not a seminar or conference. The Rutgers program makes a difference on resumes. It will make a difference when you interview for a CX role in the future.

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