The Ripple Effect: How Employee Treatment Impacts Customer Loyalty & Referrals

The Ripple Effect: How Employee Treatment Impacts Customer Loyalty & Referrals

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How does a positive or negative employee experience impact customer referrals and brand reputation?

Have you considered the potential revenue loss and damage to your company’s image when disgruntled former employees share their negative experiences?

The answers to these important questions are essential for businesses aiming to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace. I’ve explored these dimensions and curated actionable strategies to foster customer loyalty based on insights from my years of experience and the invaluable perspective of featured guest Dan Goodman, a pioneering employee advocate.

Employee and Customer Experience Topics Discussed:

  • The connection between employee treatment and customer referrals and why mistreating employees can cost you customers.
  • The importance of transparency, honesty, and mutual respect in the employee-employer relationship.
  • Strategies for negotiating better severance packages and navigating workplace disputes.
  • The right way to handle employee terminations with empathy, dignity, and open communication to avoid bad press.
  • Case study revealing the impact of leadership and corporate culture on customer experiences.

10 Employee Advocacy Lessons for Customer Loyalty and Referrals:

1. Understand Motives: Recognize that severance offers are about securing liability releases, not acts of kindness.
2. Foster Transparency: Advocate for open communication and clear policies within the employee-employer relationship.
3. Respect Rights: Empower employees to speak their truth and exercise their rights if faced with unfair treatment.
4. Level the Playing Field: Help employees build leverage based on legality, empathy, and public perception.
5. Embrace Empathy: Treat employees with dignity and respect, especially during termination processes.
6. Cultivate Support: Provide ongoing coaching, training, and encouragement to employees, rather than relying on PIPs.
7. Lead with Care: Train leaders in empathy and effective communication for termination processes.
8. Validate Emotions: Recognize the grieving process and emotional impact of termination on employees.
9. Question Authority: Encourage employees to question things and not blindly trust leaders.
10. Build Trust: Cultivate a corporate culture rooted in mutual respect and kindergarten rules.

Whether you are a business leader, a human resources professional, or an employee advocate, you won’t want to miss the employee advocacy and customer experience wisdom shared, as it may be your game-changer for building a loyal customer base and a positive brand reputation.

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About Dan Goodman:  

Dan Goodman has advocated for employees for nearly three decades. Starting by helping friends with pay disputes, he founded TruCommish, a commission audit service for salespeople, and later Dan Goodman Employment Advisory to support all employees. Dan empowers employees to stand against mistreatment and exposes wrongful employer practices.

He assists with employment agreements, restrictive clauses, severance offers, PIPs, stock/equity grants, compensation plans, pay disputes, and general advice. With a BBA and MBA from Babson College, Dan’s mission is to provide truth and transparency in employer/employee relations.

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