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Learn How To Increase Customer Loyalty by Doing Agent Experience Right

(Includes All Front Line Staff)

    In this informative course, you’ll uncover actionable strategies to empower frontline employees to deliver unparalleled value and foster customer loyalty. Dive into the challenges hindering frontline effectiveness and master innovative hiring techniques for contact centers and other customer-facing roles. Discover the secrets to nurturing strong relationships with your teams right from the start and learn how to amplify performance through tailored training and development, preparing them for future leadership opportunities. Upon completing this course, you’ll seamlessly connect frontline worker experience to customer satisfaction, ensuring your teams and customers both benefit from your intentional focus on Doing CX Right.

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      Customer Service Course Sections and Topics

      Stacy Sherman shows you how to foster a strong frontline worker experience so your agents and other customer-centric staff deliver value and maximize customer loyalty.


      Section 1: Identifying Frontline Worker Challenges

      • Understand the unique challenges faced by frontline workers
      • Recognize the impact of frontline worker experience on customer experience
      • Explore strategies to address common frontline worker pain points

      Section 2: Hiring for Frontline Roles

      • Develop effective hiring practices for contact center and other frontline positions
      • Identify the key skills and qualities to look for in frontline candidates
      • Implement strategies to attract and retain top frontline talent

      Section 3: Building Positive Frontline Relationships

      • Foster strong relationships between managers and frontline workers
      • Improve communication and collaboration across the organization
      • Create a culture of trust, empowerment, and support for frontline staff

      Section 4: Elevating Frontline Worker Performance

      • Provide comprehensive training and development opportunities
      • Implement effective coaching and feedback mechanisms
      • Recognize and reward high-performing frontline workers

      Section 5: Preparing Frontline Workers for Leadership

      • Identify and nurture frontline workers with leadership potential
      • Offer career development paths and advancement opportunities
      • Equip frontline workers with the skills and knowledge to become future leaders

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