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We need to HUMANIZE BUSINESS more than ever before. Companies that grow and survive through tough times are those that understand and purposely apply the Heart and Science of customer experience (CX).


I’m a certified Customer Experience Strategist, Practitioner, and Digital Marketer known for fearlessly challenging the status quo and delivering profitable results through a human-centered approach. I don’t just talk about customer success. I’m delivering memorable experiences and Wow Moments every day as Director of CX and Employee Engagement at a Global company. I’m speaking, coaching, blogging, and writing for Forbes to help others differentiate their brands based on what I know works.

What is DoingCXRight®‬ ? why it matters.

As a consumer of products and services, I’ve seen too many brands miss opportunities to delight customers and meet their needs. Likewise, I’ve heard numerous employees express how they don’t feel valued, included, and empowered to deliver customer excellence. So, I’m on a mission to help connect people and inspire great authentic customer experiences (CX) fueled by motivated employees globally. I created DoingCXRight®‬, which is a journey based framework that advocates for humanizing business and maximizing satisfaction. It entails both heart and science — combining proven techniques and methodologies to create real brand affinity and loyalty to achieve business results. When companies are NOT DoingCXRight®‬, it costs a lot of time and money that is avoidable.

It takes 12 positive experiences to make up 1 unresolved negative experience


Organizations Who Want To: 

  • Create a customer-focused culture & engaged workforce
  • Choose the right tools & platforms with a limited budget
  • Deploy CX measurements to drive accountability for success
  • Establish Voice of Customer (VOC) & closed-loop processes 
  • Infuse Voice of Employee (VOE) to inform business decisions
  • Implement best practices: Persona Development & Journey Mapping

Individuals Who Want To: 

  • Increase their expertise in all the above
  • Advance their career and make a big company impact
  • Enter the CX field & position self as a thought leader
  • Improve resume and Linkedin for new opportunities
  • Launch a business with CX as a differentiator
  • Get CX Certified and help with capstone projects

why work with me?

  • Results-oriented. See what others say.
  • Coaching is personalized. No “cookie-cutter” approach.
  • Committed to client satisfaction. I practice what I preach.
  • Tools & platform vendor agnostic.  
  • Flexibility of sessions and payments.
  • Free discovery session so you feel confident in decisions.
  • Highly educated. Job-related experiences plus multiple degrees and certification. Details in my bio.

Stacy Sherman of DoingCXRightLet’s talk about DoingCXRight®‬ 

Contact me for personalized 1-1 or group coaching (single session or ongoing). I’ll educate you on the best tools, resources & methodologies to gain a competitive edge. I can inform you about university-based CX certification options that I completed and recommend (plus save you $1,000+ tuition cost using unadvertised promotion code).


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