Welcome To DoingCXRight

Welcome to DoingCXRight

Customer Experience (CX) is an increasingly important part of how we do business and a key factor in determining which companies we purchase from. It’s not just about price. Creating HAPPY LOYAL customers and an engaged workforce who delivers excellence doesn’t happen automatically or overnight.  It requires a measurable, authentic human-centered approach. That’s what DoingCXRight is about.

Gain A Competitive Edge. Learn How To:

  • Establish & sustain a customer-centric (obsessed) culture
  • Increase employee engagement. Everyone owns CX
  • Deploy Voice of Customer (VoC) & Employee (VoE) programs
  • Measure satisfaction, NPS & other indicators
  • Implement a “closed-loop” process with employee compliance
  • Activate brand promoters to drive growth and referrals
  • Leverage tools and platforms with a limited budget
  • Create personas & journey maps to meet customer needs
  • Get certified & improve your resume to ellevate career
  • Build a CX organization and lead with impact

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