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What is Customer Experience, otherwise known as CX? Is it just another buzzword that will soon disappear? Or, Is CX an increasingly important part of how we do business and a key factor in determining which brands we buy from? If you believe the second, you are correct.

DoingCXRight defines how brands compete in every industry. To achieve long term success, people need to fully understand CX methodologies, best practices, and tools. I have been mentoring and speaking about CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE, CULTURE TRANSFORMATION and ways to maximize EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT from first-hand experiences. I decided to launch DoingCXRight to provide scalable and actionable information and foster a community for continued knowledge sharing beyond my local area.

Why read DoingCXRight?

What makes me a credible source?

I am not new to CX.

I’ve been leading Customer Experience for 20 years at highly esteemed Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) brands. i.e. Verizon, AT&T, Martha Stewart Crafts, and others Read my bio.  I’ve also been writing about CX & Employee Experiences (EX) for well-known publications like Customer Think, Medium and now adding Forbes to the list.

I don’t just speak about DoingCXRight.  I walk the talk.

It’s my job. I’m not just a CX strategist but also a practitioner too. I’m currently Head of Customer Experience at Schindler Elevator Corp (USA) and producing record-breaking Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter (NPS) results, which is contributing to Y/Y revenue growth & portfolio protection. Also, recognized for accomplishments. i.e. 2019 Finalist “CX Leader of the Year” and “CXPA Impact” awards.

My education & research never end.

“Knowledge is Power,” which is why I continue to get certifications i.e. Customer Experience and Big Data at prestigious universities and share key takeaways. Subscribe to my newsletter, and you’ll get actionable tips that you can apply wherever you work. Contact me for a 20% discount code for online & offline courses at Rutgers.  

I write and speak from a unique perspective.

I’ve mentored hundreds of people with different skill sets and experiences across the globe. DoingCXRight articles and podcasts are based on feedback the community tells me they want to learn. While my blog has mass appeal, my coaching sessions are very personalized.

I know both sides of the fence.

While I am a Customer Experience strategist and practitioner, I am also a consumer. Valuable CX lessons come from my own personal interactions with brands. I share the good and the bad.

Thank you for joining me on the journey. I am committed to providing you with valuable resources and insights to drive your success in the world of CX. I look forward to hearing your stories and learning from your feedback. After all, VOC (Voice of the Customer) matters in everything we do.

DoingCXRight by Stacy Sherman

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