Welcome To DoingCXRight

Welcome to DoingCXRight®‬

We need to HUMANIZE BUSINESS more than ever before. Companies that grow and survive through tough times are those that LEAD WITH A HEART. People buy products and services based on how brands make them FEEL. It’s not just about price, which is why customer experience is an important topic.

Creating satisfied loyal customers doesn’t happen automatically or overnight. It requires intentional focus, consistent application of customer experience best practices and most importantly, happy engaged employees who feel included and that they matter. It’s all part of ‪DoingCXRight®‬ and I’m walking the talk daily. I care to help others do the same not only to gain a competitive edge but also to improve lives everywhere. It’s through authentic experiences that REAL connections and happiness can exist.

Who Stacy can help? People Wanting to

  • Create a customer-focused culture plus engaged workforce
  • Launch a new business (entrepreneurs) with CX as a differentiator
  • Enter the CX field & rebrand their resume, Linkedin, etc.
  • Advance their career and make a big company impact
  • Learn what CX tools & platforms to use with a limited budget
  • Advance CX measurements to drive accountability for success
  • Increase growth & referrals leveraging brand promoters
  • Identify reasons for detractors & switch them to advocates
  • Gain new skills around CX methods like personas & journey mapping


Why Stacy Is A Credible Source?


Stacy Sherman of DoingCXRightLet’s talk about cx

Contact me for personalized coaching (one time or ongoing). I’ll also share advice about tools, resources & university-based certification options that I completed and recommend. (Can share 20% promo code to save $1k.) 

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