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What is Customer Experience, otherwise known as CX? Is it just another buzzword that will soon disappear, or is becoming an increasingly important part of how we do business? If you believe the second, you are correct.

CX defines how brands compete in every industry. Those who understand DoingCXRight are empowered to apply best practices for long-term success. We know the significance of customer experience, which is why we started this blog to provide scalable and actionable information and foster a community for continued knowledge sharing.

Why read and follow this blog? What makes us credible sources?

  • We are not new to CX. We are two leaders with over 20 years of combined work experience at highly esteemed B2B and B2C brands.
  • We don’t just speak about CX. We walk the talk. We have practical knowledge gained in competitive industries promoting innovation and delivering results for our organizations and customers.
  • Experts have trained us from a variety of prestigious academic institutions. We share our collective learnings having completed CX Certifications (CCXP and Rutgers). Our education, research, and professional development never end. We make it our mission to stay abreast of CX trends and to provide value to our readers.
  • We write from unique perspectives having worked in different industries and grown up in diverse cultures and demographics. Our blog is relevant to global audiences and to individuals at various stages of their careers.
  • We know both sides of the fence. While we are CX professionals, we are also consumers. Some of our wisdom and lessons come from our customer journeys and interactions with brands. We share the good and the bad.

We want to help you expand your CX knowledge. You have come to the right place whether you are looking to transform your organization to be more customer-centric, or seeking new skills and expertise for personal career growth. We are committed to providing you with the valuable resources and insights you need. We look forward to hearing your stories and learning from your feedback. After all, VOC (Voice of the Customer) matters in everything we do.

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