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Who Is Stacy Sherman:

The short answer:

Stacy Sherman is an award-winning certified customer experience (CX) keynote speaker, author, podcaster, Forbes writer, and founder of DoingCXRight®—a Heart & Science™ framework that accelerates customer loyalty, referrals, and revenue through engaged employees.

What differeniates Stacy from others is that she brings real-life examples and customer experience and service best practices from being in the trenches! Others speak and write about CX from a pure academic view and short term consulting projects, while Stacy is really walking the talk every day!

Experience & Fun Facts

Stacy has held multiple leadership roles at major companies such as Schindler Elevator Corporation, Verizon, Martha Stewart Crafts, Wilton Brands, and AT&T. Her strategic skills are not limited to business—Stacy is also a serious backgammon player who has traveled internationally to compete.  She has a multitude of degrees (see below) and professional certifications in Experience Management (employees, agents, customers) and digital marketing. A mother of two human young adults and two furry ones, she and her husband live in suburban New Jersey.

Stacy Sherman Headshot

Education & Certifications

  • MBA, Marketing – Fairleigh Dickinson
  • BSBA Marketing- American University
  • Net Promoter System (NPS) – Owen
  • Customer Experience (CX) – Rutgers
  • Design Thinking – Pace Univ: Lubin  School of Business
  • Big Data – Rutgers
  • User Experience (UX)  – Rutgers
  • Usability Analyst (CUA) – Human Factors (HFI)
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) – Ayima
  • Social Media Marketing – Rutgers
  • Paid Search(SEM) – Google & Yahoo

Awards & Accolades

  • Global Top 30 Customer Experience Leader 2022 – Global Gurus
  • Global Top 30 Customer Service Guru  2021 – Global Gurus
  • CX Leader of The Year Finalist 2019,  2020, 2021 ~MyCustomer
  • Top 33 Inspiring Women In CX To Follow in 2022 – Engati
  • Top 20 Global Customer Experience Experts – Marketvibe
  • Ranked Top 5 Key Note Speakers 2021 – ReadWrite
  • Top 25 Thought Leader of 2021 – ICMI
  • Top Customer Experience (CX) Influencer 2021 – Awards Magazine
  • Customer Experience + UX 2020 & 2021 Awards Judge ~ ARCET
  • Top Customer Experience Resources to follow in 2021 – MattsenKumar
  • Customer Experience MVP 2020 awards – CEU
  • Top 20 Influencers to follow in 2020 ~ MatsenKumar
  • Top  150 Global CX thought Leaders  of 2020 ~ SurveySensum
  • Top 50 Customer Service Leaders ~ Netomi
  • CX Impact Award Finalist ~ CXPA
  • Usability Expert Recognition ~Human Factors International
  • Forbes writer and top-ranked columnist for CustomerThink
  • CX Founding Board Member & Advisor: Rutgers & Seton Hall Universities

Diversity & Inclusion Advocate

Happy engaged employees lead to happy loyal customers. There is a direct correlation, which I have learned from comparing employee and customer Net Promoter (NPS) results. Customer satisfaction cannot happen without great employee experiences, so there must be a champion at the top who advocates for thought diversity, inclusion, and employee needs. As I climb the corporate ladder, I’ve been a change agent encouraging everyone to show up as their best selves without fear of judgment. I am also elevating careers,  especially women who have not traditionally been invited to the table where decisions are made. Some passion projects include:


Stacy Sherman- Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Certified Professional

Why ‪DoingCXRight®‬ Passion?


As a consumer, I have seen too many brands miss opportunities to delight customers and meet their needs. Likewise, I’ve felt and witnessed employees not feeling valued, included, and empowered to deliver customer excellence. Consequently, I am on a mission to create and inspire better experiences so that REAL human connections and happiness can exist.

DoingCXRight is a journey-based framework that advocates for humanizing business and maximizing satisfaction through a meaningful and practical approach to customer experience (CX). It’s based on engaged employees and leaders who apply both heart and science — combining proven techniques to create brand affinity, loyalty, and a competitive edge that delivers results. My methodology applies to all industries and differentiates brands. (It’s beyond price!)

More About Stacy Sherman  – The Longer Version:

In a world in which impersonal customer interactions are the norm, Stacy Sherman is an empathetic customer experience (CX) pioneer who has devoted her career to leading with a heart and creating lasting customer loyalty through engaged employees. Recognizing the humanity in others is critical to any business’s success. Whether a company is marketing to other businesses or consumers, its ultimate audience is an individual. There is a person at the other end of every campaign and communication; for businesses that desire to be competitive and acquire customers, making a human connection is critical.

Passion & Dedication

Stacy’s mission is to help brands delight customers, meet their needs, and create superior experiences that build not just relationships but lasting, meaningful connections with people. Through her company, DoingCXRight, Stacy advocates for the humanization of business and delivers a framework rooted in the customer. Stacy’s approach aligns cross-functional teams from critical parts of the organization—sales, marketing, product, and leadership to allow stakeholders to deliver a customized customer experience that goes far beyond price of services or goods.

Proven Methodology

Applying a holistic view of CX, Stacy incorporates employee engagement strategies to realize positive client outcomes. Engaged and happy employees are also loyal and satisfied customers. Stacy partners with clients to execute an integrated, measurable CX strategy that increases customer loyalty and satisfaction, heightened brand value, and reduced market friction. In 2019, she led the first-ever annual CX Day at Schindler Elevator Corporation to drive awareness of the importance of customers’ experiences and show gratitude to employees for their efforts in delivering superior customer service. After its initial success, the company adopted and transformed the program into an entire week dedicated to recognizing CX as a strategic imperative across the global organization. Further, she collaborated with leadership to drive historic customer satisfaction and net promoter scores (NPS) and achieve a year-over-year CAGR of 6%.

Continuous Learning & Improvement

Stacy is committed to developing the next generation of talent, and coaches and mentors those who are looking to break into the field. She has been featured in multiple publications, including Forbes and Psychology Today. She has also received numerous awards and accolades for her leadership in the field, including CX Leader of The Year. In addition, Stacy is a vocal advocate for workplace diversity and inclusion and promotes recruiting and developing talent from underrepresented groups. The results of these efforts are immediate and remarkable—heightened competitiveness and improved productivity. She continues to drive cultural transformation by creating environments focused on empathetic leadership, stakeholder accountability, and open and honest communication among team members.

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psychologytoday features Stacy Sherman of DoingCXRight
Doing CX Right Presentation

Improving Experiences As A Brand Differentiator

  • Transform culture through people management and coaching
  • Customer (CX), User Experience (UX), Employee Experience (EX)
  • Voice of Customer (VoC)+ Employee (VoE)
  • Persona development & journey mapping
  • Website optimization through test & learn A/B approach
  • Digital Marketing and personalization
  • Research. Survey Design, User testing
  • Contact Center & Survey Team effectiveness

On a Personal Note

Mom of two children and two dogs. Fan of Simon Sinek. Applying his why principles every day & mentoring others to do the same. I’m an inclusion & thought diversity advocate (as happy employees lead to happy customers.)  I don’t just talk. I’m a doer such as hosting  “Women Leaders Making A Difference” community. I believe that small actions lead to big impacts. I love writing, speaking & podcasting to spread inspiration. Fun fact: I’m a Backgammon expert. Traveled internationally to play in tournaments.


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