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While I write about customer experiences, employee engagement, leadership, and culture transformation, I love speaking about these topics at events, in media, and podcasts too.  Learn about my CX mission, and listen to episodes below to increase your understanding of DoingCXRight®‬‬ and how to differentiate your brand.

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Stacy Sherman, Certified Customer Experience Leader, Presenter, Author, CX Mentor

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Pros & Cons of Using NPS To Measure CX Success

Pros & Cons of Using NPS To Measure CX Success

Is “Net Promoter Score,” otherwise known as “NPS,” a good measurement of customer satisfaction. Many customer experience (CX) experts say yes. They depend on NPS as a sole metric to determine customers’ perceptions and feelings about their brand.

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CXM Best Practices Symposium

Customer Experience Management (CXM) is not just a hot topic in small to big size companies but also at universities too. I had the opportunity to speak at Michigan State University CXM Best Practices Symposium. I shared practical customer experience takeaways and how to's. If you missed the...

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