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Radio Shows & Podcasts

I had the pleasure of interviewing Stacy Sherman for AmazingBusiness Radio. I loved her enthusiasm for the topic of customer service and CX. Even more important, I loved her depth of knowledge of the topic. This comes from the many experiences she has had in the real world as a practitioner.

Shep Hyken, Customer Service & Experience Expert, NY Times Bestselling Author and Keynote Speaker

We had the great pleasure of interviewing Stacy for the Crack the Customer Code podcast! What stood out in Stacy’s interview was her passion for customer experience and her experience executing CX in a large organization. Stacy truly understands one of the most difficult parts of the practice of customer experience: getting buy-in across a large, diverse organization.

Adam Toporek, Helping organizations win with experience! Customer Service Expert, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Strategic Advisor

We had the pleasure of having Stacy as a guest on the Crack theCustomer Code podcast! Stacy brought passion and enthusiasm for the customer experience to the episode. Her understanding goes beyond talking points and she brings the perspective of managing CX across large organizations.

Jeannie Walters, CCXP, Customer Experience, Patient Experience Keynote, and Virtual Speaker, Trainer, Workshop Leader

Stacy is the best! I love following her customer experience workand she was a terrific guest on my live LinkedIn show. She is fullof passion, ideas, and the know-how to execute. Definitely an asset!

Dan Gingiss recommends Stacy Sherman of DoingCXRight®‬ Dan Gingiss, Coach, Author, Podcaster. “The Experience Maker” 

I had the pleasure of being the co-host of a CX podcast where Stacy was a special guest. She’s not only extremely knowledgeable about the discipline and practice of CustomerExperience but extremely passionate about it too. If you get the chance to talk to Stacy about CX, make sure to jump at it!

I recently had the opportunity to spend time discussing #CX with Stacy, generating content. Stacy has an incredible energy level that is contagious to everyone she encounters. Collaborating with her is a kinetic experience reserved only for those ready to be challenged and held to a very high standard. I recommend Stacy for the amazingly creative approach she takes to her professional life: she’s a published author, a frequent writer of content, a prolific producer of video and audio content, all in addition to her full time job. leaving those of us in wonder how she gets it all done with such high quality. I look forward to my future interactions and work together with her, and know that those individuals and enterprises that have the opportunity to work with Stacy, like I was, will be transformed by her intellect, energy, and contributions

Neil Topf, Customer Experience & Contact Center Leader. Host of Fireside Chats Podcast

Stacy has written articles for MyCustomer, been a guest on our podcast and was also a finalist in our 2019 CX Leader of the Year award. She’s passionate about making a difference for her customers and her fellow employees and her work ethic and enthusiasm is something everyone should aspire to.

It’s more than customer service, it is creating a Customer Experience and there is nobody I have worked with that has created a better experience then Stacy. Making sure that every step along the journey was an positive experience is the reason Stacy is always the one I would reach out to when needing an expert in this field.

Chad Hyams, Speaker, Maximizational Coach, Podcaster -Ember Seminars.

Stacy is a dedicated and brilliant woman that I’ve had the pleasure to have on my podcast, Voices of CX. She is relentless in her pursuit for excellence in her place of work, is proud of her labor and that of her team, and is a wonderful example of a leader who lives what she preaches. It has been enlightening to follow her work and progress in Customer Experience and Digital Experience.

I interviewed Stacy on Be Customer Led, a podcast I host focused on customer & employee experience. Stacy’s interview is one of the most downloaded of all episodes, and for good reason: Stacy’s real-world, hands-on experience allows her to give practical advice to CX leaders and practitioners. Stacy knows where the pitfalls are, how to create “wins” for the company and the customer, and how to engage the entire organization around the customer. Why? Because she does the work every day. I hope to have Stacy on again sometime as I know our listeners value her and what she has to say.

Stacy successfully builds bridges between employee experience and engagement to customer experience. Her “heart and science” approach is also a nice bridge between the hard measurables and the human immeasurables that make a measurable difference. And she arrived at all of this through professional experience and personal passion. Stacy is a valuable voice and expert practitioner in the EX and CX movements!

Ethan Beute, Chief Evangelist-BombBomb. Host of the Customer Experience podcast 

NPS = 10 – Energetic, passionate, inspiring I had the opportunity to have several exchanges with Stacy. In particular, I had the chance to interview Stacy for my podcast. Stacy is a thought leader and she is really passionate about Customer Experience. She is devoted to creating lasting customer loyalty through engaged employees and superior customer experiences. I really appreciate the human touch, she gives to everything she is doing.

Customer Experience has never been more important to the long-term success of a company. Stacy’s podcast provides powerful insights into how companies should approach CX. Definitely worth listening if you are looking for practical ways to improve CX.

Speaking & Events

Stacy brings a clarity to the space that has not been there before. Her blend of coaching and consulting mixed with practical application and knowledge makes her a voice to be reckoned with. In addition, Stacy has a great personality and is able to roll with the punches as she navigates tough questions about employee and customer engagement. I’m looking forward to future interactions!

Gabe Larsen, VP of Growth @Kustomer

I had the pleasure of working with Stacy for a CCW Digital online event, in which some of her quotes were used in one of my reports, sponsored by IBM Watson. Her abundance of knowledge in the CX space combined with a nontraditional, candid, and thought-provoking approach to Marketing, Consumer Behavior, and Employee Engagement is what the industry needs to hear.

Stacy recently spoke at one of our Customer Experience Forums sharing best practices for launching and managing a Voice of Customer program. We received tremendous feedback from the audience as they truly appreciated the insights and recommendations that Stacy presented. I have no doubt that several attendees are now working to implement new strategies to operationalize and socialize their customer experience measurement throughout their organizations based on Stacy’s presentation.

Greg Kowalewski, Strategic Marketing Programs including ABM, demand generation, field marketing, and event marketing.

I got the opportunity to work with Stacy for a virtual live session with INDEAL U (INDEAL’s comprehensive industry specific learning platform). She discussed “Creating a Customer-Centric (CX) Culture as a Brand Differentiator”. The presentation was very informative and contained a lot of valuable information for our members to take advantage of to offer a competitive advantage. Stacy is a great speaker. She is very engaging and has a lot of energy discussing the topics she is passionate about. We got a lot of excitement promoting the session and she did a great job of adding action items for our members to utilize. I am excited to work with Stacy again in the future and look forward to learning more about customer experience through Stacy’s unique perspective.

I had the pleasure of having Stacy join the speaker faculty to our Field Service Connect Virtual Event. We recruited Stacy because we knew she was passionate about her work and sharing insights with others. Stacy was an outstanding speaker and was able to customize the content of her talk to our audience and keep her session engaging and informative. Her professionalism and ability to adjust to her audience and have them relate is truly a benefit for anyone that works with her. We hope to have her back addressing our network of senior-level of executives very soon.

Stacy was a speaker at a conference the New Jersey chapter of the American Marketing Association held on digital marketing during my recent term as president. Stacy was a pleasure to work with. She was knowledgeable, amiable and prompt in her interactions with me and the AMA New Jersey team. During the conference itself, she proved to be an engaging presence who demonstrated a tremendous depth of domain expertise. I have only kind words for her.

Talib Morgan, Empowering Innovation by Applying Emerging Technologies to the Customer Experience. AI/ML/DL, NLP, XR, Voice, and coding.

Stacy presented to an audience of customer experience professionals and leaders at the 2017 ForeSee Summit. She Brings extensive experience and insight to the topic and is dedicated to advancing the CX community in a meaningful way.

Cecilia Wainio, B to B Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Customer Marketing

Not only is Stacy knowledgeable about CX, but she’s incredibly passionate about it. That passion brings a level of energy and authenticity to everything she does! I’ve really enjoyed working with Stacy on thought leadership content and value her contributions.

Sarah Nicastro, Field Service Evangelist at Future of Field Service 

We recently had the pleasure of hosting Stacy as one our Keynote Speakers and all I have to say is WOW! Stacy is a dynamic, professional, and inspiring speaker who is truly passionate about Customer Experience. Solid delivery and actionable take-aways. 10 out of 10! Look forward working with Stacy again at future events.

Tom Taber from Frost & Sullivan Endorses Stacy ShermanTom Tabor, Producer -Forst & Sullivan

Coaching & Mentoring

An ideal business coach can envision your destination and help you take ACTIONABLE steps to achieve your goals. Stacy is that supportive coach, who brings her business acumen, creativity, and energy to help me strategize and implement my PERSONAL BRANDING as well as realize my potential.

Cary Munk, Driving Retention & Loyalty Through Relationship Management, Client Success & Strategy, Innovation. Content Creator.

I was given the opportunity to work for Stacy starting in July 2019. I quickly learned Stacy shows a sincere interest in people and helping them be their best and discover strengths they didn’t know they had. She effectively communicates upward, downward, and laterally. She challenges us to think big and always include our customer’s voice in any decision we make to ensure we are solving problems rather than making assumptions. Stacy promotes and strongly supports her team and I and proud to be a member of the team!

Kristen Cales, Customer Experience Manager at Schindler Elevator Corporation (U.S.)

As a growing mental health practice helping people in emotional distress, our patient experience is a key part of the healing environment. Stacy Sherman is leading workshops and staff engagement activities to ensure our patients get the care they need from their first contact with us, and throughout their journey at Neighborhood Psychiatry. I recommend Stacy to both individuals and teams who want to increase their CX skills to produce impactful results.

Grant H Brenner, MD, Board Certified Psychiatrist and owner of Neighborhood Psychiatry

I recently worked with Stacy to help guide me as I prepare for my next great career opportunity. Stacy has an amazing way of communicating that elevates and nurtures outside of the box thinking. She identified a few areas of opportunity for me to utilize connections and enhance my social media presence to better market myself. Stacy’s expertise has positioned me for success and I’m looking forward to what’s to come.

Kim Kiss, Senior Sales Executive in Consumer Goods

I had the pleasure to meet Stacy a few years ago when she joined Schindler. Since day one we had a great relationship. It is hard to find one word to express how great of a leader and person she is. For me, it is a combination of determination, passion, authenticity, and discipline. On top of that Stacy is charismatic and a mentor. She is a giver by nature what makes you learn with her all the time. Stacy has a strong ability to tell a story, I had moments in my 1:1 with her where I was sharing my thoughts and she guided me on how to put my words in a concise and impactful way. She gets the best from people, empowering the team and making them feel confident and safe to share their thoughts. Others will be lucky to have Stacy as a mentor, she will add a lot of value to those who are interested in elevating their careers and business.

Ana Flavia Cavagnoli, MBACX Leader | Customer Experience Manager at Schindler Elevator Corporation (U.S.)


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