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Customer experience (CX) is not a fad or short-term business strategy. It requires intentional focus and application of best practices to achieve loyal customers who buy again and again and tell others. Through my articles, podcasts and speaking events, people learn exactly how to start and keep on DOING CX Right to achieve real results..

Below is a sampling of my news and media appearances. I’m ready to enhance YOUR article, column, show, or podcast based on academic and on-the-job experience leading customer experience organizations over the past twenty years. View my BIO and TESTIMONIALS from authors, editors, and people I’ve mentored. Let’s talk about your goals.

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psychologytoday features Stacy Sherman of DoingCXRight
360 Magazines Features Customer Experience Woman Leader Stacy Sherman
Forbes Features Stacy Sherman of DoingCXRight
Stacy Sherman Featured in Smarter CX by Oracle
Stacy Sherman featured in CMS Wire
yahoo_finance_quotes Stacy Sherman about customer service week and cx day
Ellevate Features Stacy Sherman
CX Buzz Features Stacy Sherman

News & Media Angles and Topics

  • Building a customer-centric culture where employees feel happy and motivated to deliver excellence
  • Overcoming diversity and inclusion challenges to improve employee experiences and customer satisfaction (they go hand in hand) 
  • Getting and retaining happy loyal customers who buy again and tell others
  • Creating positive first impressions through best in class customer onboarding experiences 
  • Identifying “pain points” across the buying lifecycle and fixing issues to turn detractors into brand advocates
  • Improving customer journeys so it’s simple & easy to learn, buy, get, use, pay for products and services
  • Enabling product development success leveraging the Voice of Customer (VOC) and Voice of Employee (VOE)  
  • Increasing employee CX accountability through measurement and closed-loop compliance.
  • Enhancing customer experiences through innovative technology and tools

A Sampling of Customer Experience and Service Articles


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