University of Wisconsin CX Certification Program Testimonial

Elevate Your Career. Get CX Certified at University of Wisconsin

Delivering great customer experiences has become a top priority for many companies. Given the increased focus, employees with CX skills are in great demand. While on the job training and reading books provide great learnings, completing a formal CX certification program can accelerate one’s career.

Consequently, I decided to take my customer experience knowledge to the next level. I explored a variety of courses that would expand my understanding of CX best practices and teach me new methodologies. After evaluating different options, I chose a program that’s offered at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

5 Reasons I Recommend The CX Certification Program

  1. FLEXIBILITY. You can take the course online at your convenience. There’s no deadline to finish and can begin the class right now.
  2. COURSE CONTENT. You’ll gain access to helpful tools and templates that you can bring back to your job to make an immediate impact.
  3. TEACHERS EXPERTISE. Classes are taught by CX leaders across different industries. They share meaningful and relevant examples that reinforce the coursework including developing personas and journey maps, CX measurements, building a CX culture, and more.
  4. NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES: Connect with people who have instituted successful CX programs at their workplace.
  5. UNIVERSITY BASED CX COURSE. The program is not a seminar or conference.


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