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About Stacy Sherman

The Short Version

Known as a change agent fearlessly dedicated to humanizing business and leading with a heart. I’m a strategist and practitioner, applying proven methodologies every day as Director of Customer Experience and Employee Engagement at a global company, Schindler Elevator Corporation.  When not at my day job, I’m mentoringspeaking, writing for Forbes, and two International books about DoingCXRight®‬ as a brand differentiator. See LinkedIn for details about my work history and accomplishments.

The Longer Story

My journey to Customer Experience (CX) began in 2013 when, after a reorganization at Verizon, my Digital Marketing role expanded to increase customer satisfaction and brand advocacy. I helped introduce customer and employee feedback in website design, product development, market messaging, and related decisions to enable the brand to exceed customer expectations. As I gained expertise in CX best practices, I fell in love with what I now reference the “Heart and Science of CX,” which is the ability to combine business expertise with a calling to provide authentic experiences for customers and employees. I am dedicated to humanizing business so that the customer relationship is viewed as a partnership and that people stay brand loyal based on real trust and connection.

You’ll often hear me say “do what you love and love what you do” because then it doesn’t feel like work. That is why I continue ‘walking the CX talk’ for a living. I’m currently the Head of Customer Experience and leading Employee Engagement at Schindler Elevator Corporation. I’ve built and lead a talented team, applying a human-centered approach while collaborating with front line employees across 60 sales locations to deliver customer excellence. We’ve achieved record-breaking Net Promoter (NPS) Scores, +6% annual sales growth, and $2 billion portfolio protection within my first year of joining the company. You can create a customer-centric culture that delivers profitable results too. Contact me for mentoring as I’ll help you apply proven techniques that elevate your leadership and company to the next level.

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Why I Launched ‪DoingCXRight®‬


As a consumer, I have seen too many brands miss opportunities to delight customers and meet their needs. Likewise, I’ve felt and witnessed employees not feeling valued, included, and empowered to deliver customer excellence. Consequently, I am on a mission to create and inspire better experiences so that REAL human connections  and happiness can exist.

DoingCXRight is a journey-based framework that advocates for humanizing business and maximizing satisfaction through a meaningful and practical approach to customer experience (CX). It’s based on engaged employees and leaders who apply both heart and science — combining proven techniques to create brand affinity, loyalty, and a competitive edge that delivers results. My methodology applies to all industries and differentiates brands. (It’s beyond price!)

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psychologytoday features Stacy Sherman of DoingCXRight

Diversity Advocate

Happy engaged employees lead to happy loyal customers. There is a direct correlation, which I have learned from comparing employee and customer Net Promoter (NPS) results. Customer satisfaction cannot happen without great employee experiences, so there must be a champion at the top who advocates for thought diversity, inclusion, and employee needs. As I climb the corporate ladder, I’ve been a change agent encouraging everyone to show up as their best selves without fear of judgment. I am also elevating careers,  especially women who have not traditionally been invited to the table where decisions are made. Some passion projects include:


Contact me for collaboration opportunities. It takes a village for change to happen.

Diversity Advocate

Education & Certifications

  • MBA, Marketing – Fairleigh Dickinson
  • BSBA Marketing- American University
  • Net Promoter System (NPS) – Owen
  • Customer Experience (CX) – Rutgers
  • Big Data – Rutgers
  • Customer – Centric Management & Design Thinking – Rutgers
  • Usability Analyst (CUA) – Human Factors (HFI)
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) – Ayima
  • Social Media Marketing – Rutgers
  • Paid Search(SEM) – Google

Awards & Accolades

  • CX Leader of The Year Finalist 2019 and 2020 ~ MyCustomer
  • Customer Experience CX + UX 2020 Awards Judge ~ ARCET
  • Top 20 Influencers to follow in 2020 ~ MatsenKumar
  • Top  150 Global CX thought Leaders  of 2020 ~ SurveySensum
  • Top 50 Customer Service Leaders ~ Netomi
  • CX Impact Award Finalist ~ CXPA
  • Usability Expert Recognition ~Human Factors International
  • Forbes writer and top-ranked columnist for CustomerThink
  • CX Founding Board Member & Advisor: Rutgers. George Washington & Seton Hall Universities
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Improving Experiences As A Brand Differentiator

  • Transform culture through people management and coaching
  • Customer (CX), User Experience (UX), Employee Experience (EX)
  • Voice of Customer (VoC)+ Employee (VoE)
  • Persona development & journey mapping
  • Website optimization through test & learn A/B approach
  • Digital Marketing and personalization
  • Research. Survey Design, User testing
  • Contact Center & Survey Team effectiveness

On a Personal Note

Mom of two fabulous kids and a Schnoodle dog. Fan of Simon Sinek. Applying his why principles every day & mentoring others to do the same. I’m passionate about inclusion & thought diversity (as happy employees lead to happy customers.)  I don’t just talk. I’m a doer such as: launching  “Women Leaders Making A Difference” community because I know that small actions lead to big impacts. I love writing, speaking & podcasting to spread inspiration. Fun fact: I’m a Backgammon expert. Traveled internationally to play in tournaments.


Connect with me for mentoring & collaboration opportunities.