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Delivering Unexpected Value Drives Happiness & Referrals

Great customer experience matters and delivering unexpected value is a big part of the equation.

My passion around this topic started when I received a package in the mail on a random afternoon. I was not anticipating a large box to be delivered, especially with a label that read “To Stacy, From Stacy.” Upon opening it, I quickly learned that the owner of Stacy’s Pita Chips sent a variety of FREE bags to hundreds of Stacy’s throughout the United States who spell their name like she does. To no surprise, this experience left a positive impression on me. I continue buying Stacy’s Chips, and I tell everyone I know about this story, which I have to believe generates incremental brand awareness and product orders. This experience serves as an important reminder that businesses cannot compete only on price. While there may be expenses to implement a creative marketing plan, the increased customer loyalty and word of mouth benefits outweigh the costs when done right.

Over the years, I have been noticing a lot of companies who deliver memorable experiences like Stacy’s Chips. Some favorite examples are Zappos, Trader Joes, and DoubleTree Hotel. It is fascinating that people choose to stay at the hotel over competitors simply because of a warm chocolate chip cookie they receive at check-in. I am one of those people. My point is that something so basic can drive repeat visitors.

We encourage business leaders to think about these examples and figure out how to provide additional value to their customers. Small gestures can have a significant sales impact. Tell us about your favorite brands and what makes you a loyal fan. In what ways do the companies go up and beyond to win over your heart, and then your wallet? We would love to hear different points of view on this topic.

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2 thoughts on “Delivering Unexpected Value Drives Happiness & Referrals

  1. […] The point of my story is that the Kelly company went up and beyond to make me feel good about my purchase aside from delivering a great tasting product. I ended up referring the company to friends and family on social media and purchased again when I ran out of cereal. Other companies can easily apply similar principles to gain brand loyalists and achieve high recommendation rates (NPS scores). It just takes commitment and dedication to DoingCXRight. Stacy’s Chips is another brand that deployed a brilliant marketing and CX strategy. Read and learn from unique story here. […]

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