Achieving Customer Happiness Even During Turbulent Times

Achieving Customer Happiness Even During Turbulent Times

What can energy suppliers and utilities learn from leading tech firms about driving customer happiness? Consumers are expecting the same speed and clarity of service and vendor responsiveness from their utility providers as they experience with their online shopping, taxi bookings, and fast food orders.

There are clear steps that Energy & Utility companies can take to improve customer happiness, which Sarah Nicastro and Stacy Sherman discuss on her Mindfuel podcast.

Even if you work in a different industry, the customer experience best practices and methodologies shared will benefit you.  At the end of the day, people buy from people they like and trust. And, happiness comes from authentic brand experiences.


Learn how to increase customer happiness fueled by engaged employees.


Listen Now to Mindfuel Podcast Below.

What are your views about creating customer and employee happiness? I’d love to hear.


If you like this interview, watch another one I had with Sarah Nicastro about “IS NPS is a good measurement of customer satisfaction?” Listen to Podcast HERE and access the show transcript.

4 Experts Share CX Best Practices To Elevate Your Career & Business

4 Experts Share CX Best Practices To Elevate Your Career & Business

What happens when there are four passionate customer experience leaders in one zoom room? The answer: A whole lot of thought-provoking conversations about CX best practices and how-to tips.

Greg Melia, Annette Franz, Mary Drumon and I dive into important business topics including employee experiences, culture, customer satisfaction measurement, how to get into the CX field, and a lot more.

What I love most from the CX interview is that we share common views but have very different experiences that enable us to provide a wealth of useful information for listeners to take action. As I say, it’s essential that you are “DOING CX RIGHT” not TALKING about CX best practices.


Listen, learn, and apply our customer experience tactics wherever you work.


I’m interested to know CX best practices resonate most and any additional thoughts you have. Your feedback matters!

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stacy sherman's co-authored book about customer experience best practices

Differentiate Your Brand By Being Customer Led

Differentiate Your Brand By Being Customer Led

Are you customer-led? That’s the theme of my conversations with podcast host, Bill Staikos. The show explores the symbiotic relationship between the customer and employee experience and reveals how companies are creating leaders and cultures maniacal about the customer.  

What You’ll Hear from our conversations on “Be Customer Led”

Bill and I talk about a ton of different and important topics, including what ignited my career in the CX field, and how two “wow” moments transformed my professional career from Marketing into CX; the key attributes that can differentiate CX leaders, CX measurement, where the CX function should sit in the org, and more to elevate your customer experience skills.

We also talk about our shared love of Shep Hyken. The audio cut out for a min at 48:18, but you’ll get to hear my personal story about my interaction with Shep.

Press Play Below To Hear How To Be Customer Led 

Please let us know what you think and what resonates most.

Listen To Stacy Sherman Talk About Customer Experience on Be Customer Led Podcast

After listening to the podcast, let me know what you think. Your views matter to me! Feel free to comment below or email me anytime.

How To Elevate Your Brand As An Experience Maker

How To Elevate Your Brand As An Experience Maker

I had the honor to join Dan Gingiss on his well-known inspiring LIVE LinkedIn show. We dive into many customer experience topics and explain why and how we are all an experience maker!

I believe you’ll find value in our conversations about how to improve customer service and employee experiences too as they go hand in hand. Besides learning, you will laugh too as we get into some candid conversations and stories.

Start listening to what it means to be an experience maker and what you can do to create exceptional experiences to build customer and employee loyalty.

I’m interested in hearing your views after watching the episode.

Remember, it is in your control to create great employee and customer experiences. Company culture starts with you! Learn more about incorporating diversity and inclusion programs to elevate experiences for all.