Driving Return Customers

How To Turn Your Customers Into Repeat Purchasers

The smallest gestures by frontline employees can be a significant reason shoppers turn into repeat buyers. I was reminded of this recently when purchasing at a large department store. Upon bringing my new clothes to the cashier,

the woman scanned each item and noticed that nothing was on sale. She asked me if I had any coupons, for which I did not. She proceeded to explain that customers who have their store credit card receive promotions every week, and then offered me to register for one. I kindly declined and continued to pay full price for the items. At that moment, the woman went into a drawer and took out a store coupon to apply to my purchase. I saved $25. Although it was not a significant amount of money, it was a tremendously satisfying moment. I did not expect her to provide me any discount especially since I declined the credit card offer. I thanked the woman twice and told her how much I appreciated my purchase experience all because of her.

I walked out of the store a happy customer who will return and buy again. My personal story serves as a reminder for companies who want to do CX right. First, businesses need to empower employees to be brand ambassadors as well as encourage them to surprise and delight customers. Second, they need to recognize employees who create exceptional customer experiences in order to promote the right behaviors. These are all important elements in building a best in class CX culture, which we will discuss in future blog posts.

We’d love to hear your examples of when a brand representative went above and beyond to make your buying experience a memorable one. How did you feel, and did you purchase from the company again because of that experience?

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