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How To Improve Your CX Skills

Delivering great customer experiences has become a top priority for many companies. Given the increased focus, employees with CX skills are in great demand. While on the job training and reading books provide great learnings, completing a formal education program can accelerate one’s knowledge. Earlier this year, I began exploring academic programs that would expand my understanding of CX best practices as well as provide an opportunity to meet people across different industries who have instituted successful customer-centric programs at their workplace. After evaluating different schools, I ended up attending Rutgers University. Having completed the course and received my certification recently, I can confidently recommend Rutgers for several reasons:

  • The class content is very relevant and applicable. Students gain access to helpful tools and templates that they can bring back to their jobs to make an impact.
  • Classes are taught by top executives and leaders with CX expertise. The speakers all share meaningful examples that reinforce various lessons around developing personas, journey maps, use cases, measurement, culture and more. 
  • The program offers much flexibility. People can take the course online or offline in a classroom setting. 
  • It is a real, university-backed program – not a seminar or conference.

If you are interested in learning more about my personal experience with the program, feel free to contact me at: If you have detailed questions about the course and want to sign up, visit Rutgers’s website: >here

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