15 CX Best Practices To Differentiate Brands

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In my recent article about how to make Voice of Customer (VoC) your company game-changer, I discuss three principles, and what I call Doing CX Right to gain a competitive edge. There’s more CX (aka Customer Experience) best practices that are simple to apply and important no matter what industry you work in. I encourage you to read and apply each CX best practice, and if you have questions, contact me as I want to see you humanize business for the greater good.

15 CX Best Practices To Differentiate Your Brand:

  1. Ask employees for feedback as it serves as a valuable data source, but VoE must never replace VoC.
  2. Respect customer intelligence. People know when companies are claiming to be customer-centric but are actually “checking a box.”
  3. Make the feedback process easy and convenient. Provide options such as calling, texting, or emailing.
  4. Improve your customer journey based on both qualitative and quantitative data. A smile or frown by itself does not reveal much. Learn the “WHY” and “WHO” factors.
  5. Thank people for their time in giving feedback. Inform them what you’ll do with their input. Communication and gratitude go a long way.
  6. Actively listen. Do not sound like a robot or reading from a survey script.
  7. Personalize your customer communications. You will gain better response rates.
  8. Choose your questions wisely. If you don’t ask correctly, you won’t get actionable answers.
  9. Capture feedback often. Customer and employee needs are changing rapidly.
  10. Listen to what customers say across different channels. Improve experiences based on a 360 view.
  11. Share feedback results with internal stakeholders. It helps drive a culture where everyone owns CX.
  12. Knowledge is power. Do not let the fear of responses be a reason you do not ask for feedback.
  13. Assess satisfaction & establish benchmarks for year over year comparisons. You cannot fix what you do not measure.
  14. Recruit and hire customer-centric individuals to achieve your CX mission. It’s all about people!
  15. Create a culture where EVERYONE owns CX and is accountable for customer excellence, not just leaders at the top.


What CX Best Practices Would You Add To The List?

Share your stories and CX best practices learned. Let’s keep the conversations going.

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