How To Measure Customer Loyalty (NPS & Beyond)

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Stacy Sherman interviews  Rob Markey, co-founder of the Net Promoter System (NPS) at Bain & comapny about the meaning and evolution of NPS, misperceptions, and ultimate questions to measure customer loyalty.

During the episode, you'll learn:

  • What is Net Promoter NPS and what is it NOT.
  • Proven tactics to measure customer brand perceptions through NPS and beyond.
  • Which brands are doing customer experience right and learnings.
  • How to maximize satisfaction along the customer journey to improve results.
  • Leadership advice to elevate your own work/life experiences
  • More ways to measure customer loyalty beyond NPS and more

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About Rob Markey 

Helps companies become and remain truly customer-centric. Together, we earn the loyalty and commitment of customers and employees, along with full support from investors.

Architect of customer experience transformation, employee engagement, marketing and sales capabilities development for dozens of the world’s largest companies.

Vision and mission:
▪️To make Customer Value the most important measure of business success and shareholder value
▪️To arm business leaders with the tools to grow it
▪️To enable them to earn the enthusiastic loyalty of customers and employees

Creator of the Net Promoter System. Co-author of The Ultimate Question 2.0. Keynote speaker. Leader of the NPS Loyalty Forum. Founder of Bain & Company’s Customer practice.

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