Creating Emotional Connections To Gain and Keep Customers

by | Feb 4, 2022 | DoingCXRight®‬ Podcast | 0 comments

How hard is it to be your customer? Are you creating emotional connections to gain & keep customers (and employees) loyal?  

Jim Tincher and Stacy Sherman dig deep into this question from Jim’s book and explain new ways of achieving emotional connections that elevate customer brand loyalty & advocacy.

Additional topics include:

  • How to change a company to be customer-centric when it hasn’t been.
  • Which brands are Doing CX Right and what makes them stand out.
  • What is journey mapping and what is it not.
  • How does a journey map bring the customer to life & who owns that in organizations?
  • What is the best way to motivate employees? Is it pay/bonus or something else?

About Jim Tincher:

He is a nationally recognized customer experience expert, journey mapper, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Heart of the Customer, his cutting-edge CX consultancy, empowers companies to drive customer-focused change, improve loyalty, manage customer journeys, and boost revenue. Jim’s authoritative guide to journey mapping, How Hard Is It to Be Your Customer?, is considered a must-read for CX-focused leaders, and CustomerThink, Engati, SupportBee, Feedspot, Influencer Marketing, and LitmusWorld have all named Jim a customer experience influencer to follow.




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*All views expressed are Stacys and do not reflect the opinions of or imply the endorsement of employers or other organizations.


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