Is Traditional Selling Dead? Getting New Customers The Right Way

by | Mar 20, 2022 | DoingCXRight®‬ Podcast | 0 comments

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Are you controlling the narrative so customers find and buy from your brand? Is traditional selling dead? What’s the best way to lead teams to win new customers and contract renewals so your business grows the right way?

You’ll hear answers to these questions and more from an admirable business leader, Sid Meadows. He explains customer success and CX best practices in easy-to-understand terms. Take notes as you will learn a lot from my interview with Sid.

    About Sid Meadows ~Getting Customers The Right Way

    Sid is a Business Strategist and High-Performance Coach.  After over 20 years of working in corporate America, he jumped off a cliff and entered the world of entrepreneurship. His focus is on helping you and your business grow in a variety of ways!  Sid hosts a podcast called The Trend Report. Check out Stacy Sherman’s featured guest episode HERE.

    More about Sid here and LinkedIn.

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