Reducing Burnout To Deliver Better Customer Experiences

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Improving customer experiences must be intentional and it starts with your agents and employees. Their mental health impacts productivity and their ability to deliver customer excellence. Knowing burnout is a common problem, how do you banish burnout, retain good people and ensure job satisfaction for long-term success?

I’ve invited Marcey Rader, a multi-certified health expert, three-time bestselling author, and global award-winning high impact speaker to discuss these questions. 

During this episode, you will learn:

🎙How to identify burnout & disengagement (they aren’t the same)

🎙Hacks to keep people motivated plus free up time for priorities

🎙Productivity “power-ups” to show up as best self

🎙Tactics to amp up energy, conquer calendars + emails with focus 

🎙Favorite tools to improve workplace communication


    About Marcey Rader ~ Reducing Burnout

    Marcey believes that health powers productivity. She is a multi-certified health and productivity expert, a three-time bestselling author, and an award-winning, global keynote speaker. As the founder of Rader Co., Marcey helps executives, teams, and individuals banish burnout, keep good people, and keep moving forward through practical, tailored tools, healthy, sustainable habits, and coaching accountability.

    Sought-after by Fortune 100 companies and others, she’s spoken for tens of thousands of people worldwide – from North Dakota to Dubai to Tokyo. As a high-impact speaker, she trains her audiences to amp up their energy, conquer calendars, find focus, and extinguish their email.

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    Check out her latest book, Work Well. Play More! Productive, Clutter-Free, Healthy Living – One Step at a Time, with special access to the first chapter at

    Listen to her Health-Powered Productivity podcast at for bite-sized nuggets of knowledge to implement immediately!

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