Integrating Marketing & Customer Service: Content Strategies to Solidify Relationships

Integrating Marketing & Customer Service: Content Strategies to Solidify Relationships

Doing CX Right podcast show on Spotify with host Stacy Sherman
Doing Customer Experience (CX) Right Podcast - Hosted by Stacy Sherman
Doing CX Right podcast show on iHeart Radio with host Stacy Sherman

Struggling to create lasting customer loyalty in today’s competitive landscape?

Is your brand effectively leveraging content strategies to enhance the omni-channel customer experience?

Join Stacy Sherman and Bernie Borges as they unveil the secrets to crafting exceptional Customer Experience (CX) journeys, emphasizing the power of personalization, seamless content strategies, effective marketing techniques, and authentic care.

You’ll learn to leverage revenue-boosting omnichannel approaches firmly rooted in meaningful human connections. Explore leadership strategies that focus on curating personalized interactions and putting the human elements of CX at the forefront of your business model.

Whether you’re a business leader seeking to differentiate your brand or looking to maintain a loyal customer base by excelling in CX, this podcast provides actionable insights and practical tips. For a deeper dive into transforming your customer experience, visit


Content Strategies & Other Customer Service Experience Takeaways:

  • Emphasize a 360-Degree Customer Approach: Integrate customer experience strategies across the entire journey, from awareness to post-purchase, ensuring seamless and personalized interactions at every touchpoint.
  • Invest in Frontline Employee Training: Dedicated and comprehensive training for frontline staff is crucial to provide exceptional customer service and forge strong relationships with clients.
  • Prioritize Consistency Across Channels: Establish an omnichannel presence that guarantees customers receive the same level of care and service whether they engage online or offline, fostering trust and loyalty.
  • Understand and Leverage Emotions: Recognize the emotional aspects of customer decisions and experiences, particularly in B2B contexts, and use this knowledge to create more empathetic and resonant customer service interactions.
  • Avoid Deep Cuts to CX: In times of financial scrutiny, resist the urge to slash customer experience budgets significantly, as maintaining a high-quality CX is essential for long-term brand success and customer satisfaction.


    [00:00]: Intro

    [00:56]: Bernie’s Role as Vice President at IQor.

    [01:19] Bernie’s 20 Years Experience in Content Marketing and Podcasting.

    [03:14] Advice Bernie Would Give To His Younger Self.

    [04:11] The Significance of Creating a Holistic 360-degree Customer Experience.

    [07:31]: The Integration of CX and Marketing and How They are Siloed in Companies.

    [12:43] The Impact of CX Cuts and Training Employees Properly.

    [16:51]: Outsourcing Customer Service and Other Functions.

    [22:07]: Building Trust for a Brand and Personalization in Content Marketing.

    [25:26]: The Omnichannel Approach and Maintaining Humanity in Customer Interactions.

    [28:21]: Leadership advice and the importance of investing in employee training.

      Whether you are a business owner, a CX specialist, or a marketing enthusiast, you won’t want to miss the wisdom shared by Stacy and Bernie that could redefine the way you engage with your customers and empower your employees. 

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      About Bernie Borges:  

       Vice President, Global Content Marketing at iQor, a leading BPO. He’s an Advisory Board member at Vengreso and at the University of South Florida Digital Marketing Certification Program. Bernie is the producer and host of the Midlife Fulfilled podcast.

      Bernie’s career spans more than three decades in B2B marketing roles and sales roles in technology. He founded and led the digital marketing agency Find and Convert, which after 15 years merged into Vengreso in 2017.

      Bernie speaks at marketing industry events and is the author of Marketing 2.0, one of the earliest books written on social media marketing strategy. He has been recognized by industry peers, including Demandbase’s 25 Marketing Executives to Learn From in 2023, SEMRush’s Top 100 Content Marketing Influencers in 2022, and Toprank’s Top 25 Content Marketing Experts in 2021. Find out more about Bernie on his website

      About Stacy Sherman: Founder of Doing CX Right®‬

      Customer experience and marketing global keynote speaker, journalist, co-author of two books, advisor, and host of the award-winning DoingCXRight podcast. Known for her Heart & Science™ framework that helps you gain profitable clients and brand loyalty–fueled by an empowered workforce. Stacy’s been walking the talk for 25 years as a strategist and practitioner at companies of all sizes and industries, i.e., Liveops, Verizon, Schindler Elevator Corp, Wilton Brands, and AT&T. She’s also a board advisor at multiple universities, featured in Forbes and other top-rated publications.

      Her Why: To cultivate loyal relationships and meaningful experiences that enrich people’s lives. Contact Stacy for DOING Customer Experience (CX) and Service Right, not just TALKING about it. Continue reading bio >here.

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