CXM Best Practices Symposium

Customer Experience Management (CXM) is not just a hot topic in small to big size companies but also at universities too. I had the opportunity to speak at Michigan State University CXM Best Practices Symposium. I shared practical customer experience takeaways and how to’s. If you missed the event, no worries as I have posted a recording below. I hope you’ll listen and apply the actionable lessons and best practices about humanizing your business and leading with a heart. It’s a sure way to win and keep employees and customers happy who also recommend your brand.

Watch & Learn About  Customer Experience Best Practices

I promise you’ll learn something new that you can apply to your workplace right away.  More details about my speaking engagement here.

About CXM Best Practices Event

Hosted by CXM@MSU, which is dedicated to advancing the field of customer experience management (CXM).  The Symposium is held twice each year to bring together members of the customer experience community in sharing practical best practices in customer experience management covering topics ranging from customer experience as a strategic imperative, understanding the customer, experience design, engaging employees, engaging customers, and customer feedback and continuous improvement.

I’m interested to hear your thoughts. 

Which CX tips and best practices resonate most, and why? I look forward to your comments.