Join “Women Creating Our Futures” Event

Join “Women Creating Our Futures” Event

Inclusion and diversity are gaining more focus, especially in the workplace. I love it because so many women like me have had to work extra hard in the corporate world to get where we are today. Given my mission to create and inspire better experiences so that REAL human connections and happiness can exist….

I am thrilled to inform you of “Women Creating Our Futures” Conference on January 15-17, 2021 led by my “famous” friend, Cynthia James. She is an admirable lady who is making a difference for women and all humans on a global level. (Check out her podcast show where I got to be a guest speaker).

The theme of 6 th annual conference is THE STRENGTH OF A WOMAN. It’s designed to provide a heartfelt, extraordinary experience.

This event is not another online conference. The inspiring speakers, extraordinary singers, dance troupes (yes, dancers!), innovative panelists, business experts, and intimate break-out rooms will provide attendees much value to create a better future. Each woman in attendance will leave feeling strong and committed to her next steps in building a powerful life.

The video below provides a good preview of what’s to come.


There are tons of details about the women speakers, agenda, etc.

Please use my link. Full transparency: I get credit for referrals. Even if I didn’t, I’d still recommend this event and plan to attend too! 


Willing to be Courageous

Possibility Thinkers

Creative and Expressive

Strong Voices on the Planet

Unapologetic about Who They Are

What else would you add to this list?

Welcoming you to join and share your authentic views in my Women Leaders Making a Difference LinkedIn Community. There’s no hidden agenda or selling allowed. It’s about women empowerment all year round. 

Strength of Women Conference. Learn more at