Generative AI Insight: Navigating the Future of Customer Service

Generative AI Insight: Navigating the Future of Customer Service

Doing CX Right podcast show on Spotify with host Stacy Sherman
Doing Customer Experience (CX) Right Podcast - Hosted by Stacy Sherman
Doing CX Right podcast show on iHeart Radio with host Stacy Sherman

Are you overlooking the true potential of your customer service experience strategy?

Could your focus on new customer acquisition be costing millions in untapped revenue?

How can aligning your organization’s customer service KPIs radically transform business outcomes?

If these questions spark your curiosity, you’re about to discover how a refined approach to customer service experiences can lead to not just satisfying interactions but also extraordinary financial gains and long-lasting customer loyalty. These solutions stem from my extensive work across different industries, coupled with invaluable insights from my featured brilliant guest, Lior Arussy, an author, visionary, consultant, and creative change agent.

Customer Service Topics Discussed:

  • The financial benefits of converting detractors to promoters and how it boosts business.

  • Leveraging Gen AI to enhance customer experiences in non-traditional ways.
  • Why viewing NPS as an “enrichment score” can redefine your measurement approach. (more about this from Fred Reicheld, the co-creator of NPS)

  • There is a critical need to focus on customer loyalty and the power of personalized customer experiences.

  • How to break down organizational silos to create a cohesive customer journey.

  • The importance of aligned KPIs and using success stories to influence investment in customer service experience.

Customer Service Takeaways:

  • Prioritize Customer Retention:
    Businesses should focus on transforming detractors into promoters, as a small shift can lead to a significant increase in revenue. Leveraging customer service to boost satisfaction will contribute to retention and financial growth.

  • Leverage Gen AI to Enhance Customer Knowledge:
    Integrate generational artificial intelligence (Gen AI) tools to empower customers with knowledge, services, and the ability to personalize their experiences. By embracing AI, customer service can evolve to meet the growing demand for tailored experiences, further driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Align Organizational KPIs:
    Companies must ensure that all departments are synchronized in their goals to provide a cohesive customer experience. Aligned key performance indicators across teams will minimize silos and conflicting interactions with customers.

  • Utilize Real Financial Data:
    When advocating for customer experience investments, connect with the finance team and use authentic financial metrics to demonstrate how customer experience directly influences the company’s bottom line.

  • Embrace Emotional Leadership:
    Leaders should build emotional connections and show vulnerability to foster a customer-centric culture within the organization. This approach can drive home the importance of customer experience as a key strategy for profitability.

  • Craft Compelling Stories:
    Present customer experience transformations as narratives that resonate emotionally and illustrate the tangible benefits. Stories can be powerful in mobilizing change and ingraining the customer experience philosophy within an organization’s ethos. 

Whether you are a business owner, a CX leader, or a marketing enthusiast, you won’t want to miss the customer experience leadership wisdom shared, as it may be your game-changer. 

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About Lior Arussy:  

Recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on Customer Experience and Strategy Execution, Lior Arussy is an author, visionary, consultant, and creative change agent. His insights and methods have been successfully put into practice in over 250 corporate transformations worldwide. And that’s what truly sets Lior apart; where other speakers simply talk of change, Arussy makes it happen time and time again. 

An author of 8 books, including Next Is Now (2018), Arussy’s clients include Mercedes Benz, Walmart, The Met, Royal Caribbean, MasterCard, Microsoft, e.On, BMW, Wiley, McKesson, Cargill, Capital One, Honeywell, FedEx, Nokia, Siemens.

About Stacy Sherman: Founder of Doing CX Right®‬

Customer experience and marketing global keynote speaker, journalist, co-author of two books, advisor, and host of the award-winning DoingCXRight podcast. Known for her Heart & Science™ framework that helps you gain profitable clients and brand loyalty–fueled by an empowered workforce. Stacy’s been walking the talk for 25 years as a strategist and practitioner at companies of all sizes and industries, i.e., Liveops, Verizon, Schindler Elevator Corp, Wilton Brands, and AT&T. She’s also a board advisor at multiple universities, featured in Forbes and other top-rated publications.

Her Why: To cultivate loyal relationships and meaningful experiences that enrich people’s lives. Contact Stacy for DOING Customer Experience (CX) and Service Right, not just TALKING about it. Continue reading bio >here.

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