How To Hug Your Haters & Make Customers Love Your Brand

How To Hug Your Haters & Make Customers Love Your Brand

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explain why & how to hug your haters

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Episode Summary:

Do you “hug your haters and love your promoters?” Jay Baer, 6x author, and Hall of Fame speaker reminds business leaders that “customers are your partners.” Too many companies invest a lot of money to acquire new clients instead of focussing on making the current ones volunteer marketers.

During this episode, you will hear Jay Baer share his wisdom about customer experience and actionable tips that you can apply to bring positive changes to your business. He encourages you to stop whining about customers that give bad reviews, and instead, hug them for helping you become better at what you do.

Key Talking Points:

[01:45] Getting to know Jay Baer

[02:37] What makes Jay passionate about marketing and customer experience

[04:53] The synergy between politics and customer experience

[07:15] Jay’s book: Love your Haters

[08:55] How to hug our haters

[13:01] How to love your promoters

[20:22] Jay’s view on separating customer experience from marketing

[24:04] Tips on how to start hugging haters

[28:58] Key takeaway for business leaders

[29:58] Jay’s message to his younger self

Inspiring Quotes From The Episode:

“Your unhappy customers are your most important customers. But we almost invariably treat them as if they are our least important customers.”

“A customer you ignore is a customer you should be prepared to lose.”

“There is a material increase in advocacy if you answer a customer who has a problem, even if you can’t fix it.”

“Word of mouth is still the least appreciated concept in all of business, which is remarkable.”

“You literally cannot be great at customer experience, unless you are first great at employee experience.”

“When you don’t empower your employees, every little thing takes three layers of management to investigate and all of that is a cost to the organization.”

“Retaining your current customers, and turning them into volunteer marketers, is a much more important course of action than getting new customers. Retention and word of mouth are far better opportunities than new customer acquisition.”

About Jay Baer:

He is a seventh-generation entrepreneur, author of six bestselling books on marketing and customer experience. Jay is the founder of five multimillion-dollar companies. Presently, he is the founder of Convince and Convert, a global consulting firm that helps many of the world’s most iconic brands. Also, he is a professional speaking Hall of Fame and the word-of-mouth marketing Hall of Fame and host of a podcast called social prose, which is about enterprise social media marketing.


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