Setting the Bar – How to Become a Category Of One Business

Setting the Bar – How to Become a Category Of One Business

Doing CX Right podcast show on Spotify with host Stacy Sherman
Doing Customer Experience (CX) Right Podcast - Hosted by Stacy Sherman
Doing CX Right podcast show on iHeart Radio with host Stacy Sherman

Want to stand out as a category of one in your industry?

Curious about how extraordinary companies transcend commodity and defy comparison?

This podcsat epsiode with customer experience experts Stacy Sherman and Joe Callaway, renowned speaker, author, and advisor, provides answers to these questions and more about becoming a category of One! You’ll learn:

  • Why flawless execution of promises builds trust and retention
  • How to create memorable visceral experiences that inspire word-of-mouth
  • Tips to develop highly engaged, enthusiastic employees
  • The power of relationship-building across the customer journey
  • How speed, ease, and likeability drive buying decisions


Customer Experience (CX) and Service Topics & Time Stamps: 

(00:33) Joe’s background and current work 

(02:01) Passion for customer experience 

(03:30) Definition of “doing CX right”  

(09:50) Advice for nostalgic brands like Toys R Us 

(14:10) Going from commodity to category one

(17:52) Examples of category one companies 

(20:42) Key tiebreakers in customer experience 

(23:41) Best leadership advice

(25:28) Key takeaway

(27:23) Advice to 20-year-old self 

(28:23) Advice to 90-year-old self 

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About Joe Calloway ~ Customer Service Expert

A business author, branding consultant, restaurant owner and customer service expert, whose client list reads like a “Who’s Who” in business…from Saks Fifth Avenue to newspapers in Sweden, hotels in Great Britain, and computer companies in South Africa, and world-brands like American Express, IBM, Volvo and BMW, a wide range of companies depend on Joe Calloway for insight into today’s marketplace.

He is the best-selling author of Becoming A Category Of One which received rave reviews from the New York TimesRetailing Today and many others. His other books include Indispensable: How To Become The Company Your Customers Can’t Live Without and Work Like You’re Showing Off: The Joy, Jazz, and Kick of Being Better Tomorrow Than You Were Today.

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About Stacy Sherman: Founder of Doing CX Right®‬

Customer experience and marketing global keynote speaker, LinkedIn Learning instructor, author, advisor, and host of the award-winning DoingCXRight podcast. Known for her Heart & Science™ framework that helps you gain profitable clients and brand loyalty–fueled by an empowered workforce. Stacy’s been walking the talk for 25 years as a strategist and practitioner at companies of all sizes and industries, i.e., Liveops, Verizon, Schindler Elevator Corp, Wilton Brands, and AT&T. She’s also a board advisor at multiple universities, featured in Forbes and other top-rated publications.

Her Why: To cultivate loyal relationships and meaningful experiences that enrich people’s lives. Contact Stacy about DOING Customer Experience (CX) and Service Right. Continue reading bio >here.

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