Do You Have 8 Minutes?

Do You Have 8 Minutes?

How can eight minutes help in enhancing connections, relationships, workforce culture, and customer loyalty?

What is Simon Sinek’s rule and how does it apply to improving customer experiences for sustainable growth?

Keep reading for answers.


Simon Sinek introduced a powerful concept about dedicating just eight minutes of genuine connection can significantly impact someone’s mental health and overall well-being. This idea, though simple, highlights the profound influence that attentive and empathetic listening can have in fostering stronger relationships and support networks among friends, family, and colleagues. The implications of this approach extend far beyond personal interactions, offering valuable lessons for enhancing employee experience and customer loyalty in business settings.

Deepening Employee Engagement And Enhancing Connections through Brief Interactions

Implementing short, structured interactions based on Sinek’s concept can transform the dynamics within a workplace. Here’s how leaders can apply these principles to foster a more engaged and supportive work culture:

Understanding Challenges through Routine Personal Check-Ins:

Leaders can schedule eight minutes regularly—daily or weekly—to engage individually with team members, focusing on understanding their personal and professional challenges.

Integrating Active Listening into Daily Conversations:

Leaders need to commit to active listening during brief interactions, being fully present, and avoiding distractions, which helps build trust and validate employees’ feelings.

Implementing Regular, Authentic Team Meetings:

Not just for operational updates, leading short, regular meetings allows team members to connect on a personal level, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Delivering Timely and Constructive Feedback:

Use eight-minute sessions to provide immediate, actionable feedback, which can motivate employees and foster continuous improvement.

Promoting Public Recognition:

During team meetings, take a few minutes to publicly acknowledge individual efforts. This will enhance morale and demonstrate the organization’s appreciation for hard work.

Tailoring Communication to Individual Needs:

Leaders can show they value and understand each employee’s unique perspective by adapting communication styles to fit individual needs.

Integrating Promotion of Mental Health:

Brief discussions about mental health resources can be meaningful and influential in getting people to take advantage of available support systems in a psychologically safe way.

Reflecting on Leadership Practices:

Leaders need to continually assess their engagement strategies and seek staff feedback to ensure their approaches remain adaptive and supportive.

Broadening the Eight-Minute Impact: From Workplace to Personal Life

The eight-minute rule, while beneficial in a business context, also has profound implications for personal relationships. Just as in the workplace, taking time to genuinely connect with friends and family can strengthen emotional bonds and provide crucial help during times of need. In life, as in business, these moments of connection are pivotal in building trust, loyalty, and mutual respect.


Simon Sinek’s eight-minute rule is more than a technique for personal and professional growth—it’s a transformative approach that can lead to deeper connections, enhanced employee engagement, and increased customer loyalty. By adopting this practice, businesses can create a more supportive environment that not only benefits the individual but also improves the collective experience, leading to sustained success and stronger relationships. In every aspect of life, dedicating time to truly connect with others proves to be a valuable investment, with returns that extend far beyond the immediate context.

How will you incorporate the eight-minute powerful practice into your daily routine to transform your connections and enrich lives?

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