Creating Inclusive Experiences for People With Different Abilities

Creating Inclusive Experiences for People With Different Abilities

Is your organization unintentionally creating barriers to inclusivity for those that are differently abled? Organizations that show genuine empathy and thoughtfulness towards their customers’ different abilities are not only doing the right thing, but they’re also improving ALL customer experiences too.

I recently joined a panel with customer experience professionals sponsored by the CXPA Diversity Advancement Committee to discuss concepts of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Customer Experience (CX) and tactics to bridge the gap.

What made our session extra valuable was having my cousin, Stacy Hirschberg, join us. She’s had 85 surgeries and experienced the lack of inclusivity first-hand. Her stories are shocking and important for people to hear as each of us can make a difference to improve lives for Stacy and people like her.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to look at your business from the customer’s perspective to influence change
  • Identify barriers your organization has unintentionally created
  • Learn how focusing on personas of the past will help make experiences easier
  • Understand how focusing on DEI provides additional revenue opportunities for the organization
  • and more

Listen to The Full Episode

Featuring Stacy Sherman (Me), Jerry Angrave, Anita Chagar, Gabe Smith, and Stacy Hirschberg

I love you Stacy Hirschberg!

How we can create better customer experiences with people of different abilities
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