How to Avoid Dangerous Assumptions about Your Customer

How to Avoid Dangerous Assumptions about Your Customer

Doing CX Right podcast show on Spotify with host Stacy Sherman
Doing Customer Experience (CX) Right Podcast - Hosted by Stacy Sherman
Doing CX Right podcast show on iHeart Radio with host Stacy Sherman

Do you make dangerous assumptions and fall into the trap of thinking you know exactly what customers want, only to discover that your products and services are not resonating? Are people not buying or recommending enough?

The good news is that you can avoid this situation by applying user experience (UX) in combination with customer experience (CX) best practices, which are not the same.

In this episode, you’ll hear Stacy Sherman interview Zach Pousman, founder of Helpfully, who has a knack for watching people and decoding their behaviors and needs to help business leaders decide what to make — and why without dangerous assumptions. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Who is Zach Pousman? What does he do professionally?  
  • What’s his WHY?  
  • What’s one fun fact that people may not know?
  • What is customer experience (CX)? How is it different from User Experience (UX)?
  • What does “Dangerous Assumptions” mean, and why care? 
  • What are the best practices to AVOID making dangerous assumptions? 
  • What is one key takeaway for business leaders and entrepreneurs to apply now?
  • What’s the best leadership advice received or given? What would Zack tell his younger 20-year-old self if he could go back in time?  
  • And more…


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About Zach Pousman

Zach Pousman has built a career pursuing tomorrow’s best ideas. Zach founded Helpfully, an R&D consultancy focusing on understanding emerging social trends and technology leaps to power new business ideas in health and healthcare. Zach has a keen eye on how AI techniques, big data, and new ways of working will affect work and everyday life. Zach’s past projects include work at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, UCB Biopharma, Revive Healthcare, Bank of America, and Google. Zach holds a Philosophy degree from the University of Chicago, and did advanced graduate work at Georgia Tech, blending anthropological techniques, design, and technology studies.

Learn more: LinkedIn. Website.

About Stacy Sherman: Founder of Doing CX Right®‬

An award-winning certified marketing and customer experience (CX) corporate executive, speaker, author, and podcaster, known for DoingCXRight®. She created a Heart & Science™ framework that accelerates customer loyalty, referrals, and revenue, fueled by engaged employees and customer service representatives. Stacy’s been in the trenches improving experiences as a brand differentiator for 20+ years, working at companies of all sizes and industries, like Liveops, Schindler elevator, Verizon, Martha Steward Craft, AT&T++.   Stacy is on a mission to help people DOING, not just TALKING about CX, so real human connections & happiness exist. Continue reading bio >here.