"Companies Need To Focus On Holistic CX Rather Than Tactical CX"

​How To Take CX To A New Level

Many companies strive to achieve high customer satisfaction scores but end up falling short of their goals. One reason is that business teams focus on single parts of the customer journey instead of taking a comprehensive approach. For example, they will gather Voice of Customer (VOC) feedback and optimize the eCommerce shopping cart but then ignore what customers go through and feel about their post-purchase experiences, such as the installation and getting help process.  

I recently read an informative Forbes article that does an effective job in explaining  “what firms should be thinking about as they consider taking their CX to a new level.” Thom Gruhler, CEO of Fjuri, Former CMO of Microsoft Windows, reveals why more companies need to focus on “holistic CX rather than tactical CX.” In the interview, he talks about the definition of CX, the ideal approach to developing customer journeys and much more. For valuable lessons on DoingCXRight, I recommend reading the Forbes article as well as “The End of The Customer Journey Matters Just As Much As The Beginning.”

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