Mobile Apps Can Be A Brand Differentiator Unless UX Goes Wrong

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Customers have increasingly high expectations and demands for better shopping experiences. While the holiday season is a time when purchasing is at its highest,  customers pay attention to their experiences and make buying decisions based on satisfaction ALL YEAR ROUND!

Easy access to products and services leveraging mobile apps can positively impact customer experiences. The following statistics from MoBlog emphasizes my point:

“Customers are willing to spend up to 5 times as much for a great shopping experience compared to a poor one.

Brands leading shopping experience outperform ones with poor experience by 500% in growth.

Apps convert 3x better than Mobile Sites.”  

Mobile Experience Can Differentiate YOUR Brand!

Considering the above facts, Mobile experiences can make your brand stand out from competitors. People actively search for and use mobile apps that allow them to be more productive and save time. If your app does this really well, you’re likely to retain customers even if there are cheaper options in the marketplace.

I am one of those people. I choose brands based on their apps, especially when product or service prices are relatively equal. Additionally, I am also willing to PAY for applications that allow me to be more efficient in my daily life.  

Based on the fact that “85% prefer shopping with mobile apps over mobile sites,” and that “90% of the time on mobile devices is spent within apps,” companies must create a best-in-class user experience. To do so, they need to continue quality checking and optimizing their apps to identify and resolve customer pain points and avoid customer dissatisfaction. 

A Mobile App Gone Wrong

During previous holidays, I was trying to renew my Tile product, a blue tooth tracking device. For those unfamiliar, Tiles run out of battery after a year of use. As the expiration date approaches, customers get email notifications and alerts in the application reminding them to repurchase with a 28% discount.

At first, I was skeptical of the offer. After comparing prices on Amazon and other eCommerce websites, I realized it was a good deal. As I attempted to repurchase, I clicked the “Buy Replacement Tiles” button but could not proceed. Instead, an “unable to load page” error message appeared

I exited the mobile app and tried again with the same result. I then attempted to complete the purchase using my laptop computer, where I learned it is only possible to renew through Tile app. (The same app that was not allowing me to add to cart). 

Mobile Apps & Customer Experienceerror message


Mobile Customer Experiences Matter! This is a fact. Customers are loyal to companies that address their needs across the entire customer journey

Conversely, customers leave brands that cannot meet their demands. If you have any doubts, take a look at the following infographic. It provides statistical explanations for WHY MOBILE EXPERIENCE IS CRITICAL.

Mobile App Customer Experience

Source: SimiCart

What is your perspective? What brands have frustrated you because of a mobile experience? Did you contact the company or choose a competitor instead?

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