ForeSee (Verint) Interviews CX Expert Stacy Sherman (+ Video)

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When I was leading CX at Verizon Wireless a few years ago, my team leveraged different platforms to measure customer and employee satisfaction. One of them was ForeSee, which has recently become Verint. The company interviewed me and shared my CX perspective at their events and company website. You can read a summary below and view the original article & video here.

CX interview summary

Verizon Wireless has millions of people that come to our website every day. We cannot make a mistake. We need accuracy [and quality customer experience] intelligence before we make any changes to our site,” Verizon Wireless Digital Marketing & Voice of Customer Leader Stacy Sherman told ForeSee. “The voice of the customer insights that [ForeSee] provides help us make sure that we have a first class shopping, support, and service experience.”

We sat down with Stacy to discuss how her company’s VOC strategy is essential to keeping their customers satisfied. [If you’d like to hear more about how Verizon is a best in class VOC Leader, watch the video interview embedded below.  

Why is it important for Verizon to measure Customer experience?

Your CEO Pete Daffern said something that resonated with me, which is: “Happy customers come back, and they buy. Unhappy shoppers don’t return and they tell people.” You have to understand that, and you have to pay attention to it. Fortunately, Verizon does an amazing job and is constantly looking to improve experiences — knowing that’s an important factor in our success.

Why did you choose ForeSee to help you measure cx?

The data and insights ForeSee offers is so important to decision making. We cannot draw conclusions based on opinions and hunches, but rather need to leverage data and facts, as numbers don’t lie. ForeSee equips us with great CX intelligence. The qualitative information is definitely important, but the quantitative is even more meaningful. ForeSee’s measurements help with [maintaining and improving the experience for our customers as well as new site visitors].

You wouldn’t run other parts of your business such as finance, supply chain, or sales without reliable data to support those business decisions. Why is it important for you to measure CX with certainty?

Verizon has millions of people who come to our website. We cannot make a mistake. We need accuracy [and quality CX] intelligence before we make any changes to our site. The voice of the customer insights that [ForeSee] provides help us make sure that we have a first class shopping, support, and service experience. Identifying improvements and prioritizing those opportunities is a process. We rely on data and insights from customer feedback to help us make it a best in class experience. That’s why VOC is so important.

Can you share a story about how ForeSee and or customer experience measurement has helped Verizon?

A very important question leadership is asking is: “why do people start online and not complete?”  We launched a new cart abandonment survey, and I’m getting first-hand information on answering why customers come to the site, why they put items in their cart, and why they exit [without purchasing]. The insights from surveys provide some golden nuggets that we can actually use, take action on, and measure pre- and post- changes. It’s really powerful. I’m very excited about this new CX measurement and can’t say enough about it.

Continued: On identifying pain points…

There are various pain points, and we’re using ForeSee’s tool and the CX portal to help us narrow down priorities. Based on survey results, for example, I know that I don’t need to focus on “look and feel,” but other elements have a lower score and thus, are a higher priority. It’s helpful to identify where to laser in. You can’t pay attention to everything, so ForeSee is very useful for prioritization and drilling down [into problems] so that ultimately we can get the future behaviors where we need them [to be, which is] buy online and recommend. It’s really helping us pull the right levers to impact the future, and that’s powerful.



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*All views expressed are Stacys and do not reflect the opinions of or imply the endorsement of employers or other organizations.


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