How To Create WOW Moments For CX Success. (Try This Easy Technique)

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Over the years, I’ve been speaking and writing about the importance of experiences and Wow Moments to drive happy customers and engaged employees. I am a believer in what Maya Angelou says, “People may not recall WHAT you did or the words you said, but they remember HOW YOU MADE THEM FEEL!”  Wow Moments create positive emotions that fuel trust, loyalty, and referrals.

A Perfect Example

A while ago, I learned about Shep Hyken and became an instant fan. I love his videos, articles, books and especially his creative comics. I decided to contact Shep recently in hopes to talk about customer experience, workplace culture, employee satisfaction, and other mutually favorite topics. Not only was Shep receptive to my email message but even better, he offered to interview me for his show. I was so happy considering Shep is “famous” in my eyes.

Fast forward in time, we recorded the episode and everything went better than I anticipated considering our conversation was a 100% improv with no rehearsal time. Neither one of us had a loss for words. We kept the conversations real and authentic, just like customer experiences need to be. While talking to Shep was very memorable, that’s not the key takeaway from my story.

My Wow Moment

Stacy Sherman and Wow MomentsA day after our recording, I received an email from Shep which included a video. I immediately thought he was sending me a generic message that other guests receive, but I was wrong. As you can hear below, he created an authentic personal thank you message that still keeps me smiling. I was a Shep advocate before our episode, but now I’m even more so.

[wpvideo eBadqJ1L]


CX Lessons and Reminders

  1. Send video messages to show appreciation. It must be personalized.
  2. “Surprise and delight” drives referrals and recommendations.
  3. Small gestures can be valuable. Wow Moments are unrelated to price.
  4. Be authentic. Customers know when you’re “checking a box.”
  5. Connect with people, even if you think they’re unapproachable. You’ll be surprised.
  6. Mistakes happen. People are more forgiving when Wow Moments occur.
  7. Send follow up notes sooner than later for the greatest impact.
  8. Humanize experiences. A hand-written note never goes out of style.
  9. Listen, not just speak. You’re never too old to learn.
  10. Let employees know they matter. All the above applies.

Stacy Sherman Podcast Episode About DoingCXRight Listen to podcast episode here

What are some of your Wow Moments?

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