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Is Everything Going To Be Okay?

The answer is: It Depends. Happiness is a choice no matter what circumstances come our way. We can choose to be content or experience opposite feelings.

Seth Godin shares his views, which resonates a lot.

If we mean, Is everything going to be the way it was and the way I expected it to be?” then the answer is no. The answer to that question is always no, it always has been. If we mean, “Is everything going to be the way it is going to be?” then the answer is yes. Of course. If we define whatever happens as okay, then everything will be. Given that everything is going to be the way it’s going to be, we’re left with an actually useful and productive question instead: “What are you going to do about it?”

My 2 Cents: YES, We’ll Be Better Than Before.

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Wishing you good health, safety and happiness.

~Stacy Sherman

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