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While I love writing articles about how to fuel success through authentic customer experiences, employee engagement & culture transformation, I also enjoy speaking about these topics too. Below is a sampling of podcasts, interviews, my quotes published in Forbes and more.

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Voices of CX Interviews Stacy Sherman of DoingCXRight

Voices Of CX Interviews Stacy. Listen To New Podcast Episode.

I recently had the opportunity to join Mary Drumond on Voices Of CX podcast. We talked about my favorite topics including Customer Experience and what it means to be DoingCXRight. We spoke in-depth about how to engage the front line to deliver customer excellence every day. Continue Reading →

Customer Journey Map Podcast Interview Featuring Stacy Sherman

MyCustomer Interviews Stacy About Journey Mapping (Podcast)

Journey Mapping is an important component of any CX practice. I’ve written several articles about the topic and offer a free template for DoingCXRight readers. Recently, I joined Chris Ward from MyCustomer on his Connecting the Dots podcast. We talked about customer journeys and how the process helps people understand their customers better. Continue Reading →

Stacy Sherman's podcast on CX

Pros & Cons of Using NPS To Measure CX Success. (Podcast)

Is “Net Promoter Score,” otherwise known as “NPS,” a good measurement of customer satisfaction. Many customer experience (CX) experts say yes. They depend on NPS as a sole metric to determine customers’ perceptions and feelings about their brand. However, others debate the validity and usefulness of Net Promoter Score, saying that Continue Reading →

Stacy Sherman Featured In Forbes

13 Crucial Skills Communications Professionals Should Cultivate

If I had to choose one tip for people to succeed, I recommend “All professionals, regardless of job title or level, elevate their customer experience (CX) skills. When competitive products and prices are relatively the same, CX can be a brand differentiator. Continue Reading →

Stacy Sherman Talks About CX In Forbes

7 Industry Trends To Watch In The Next Few Years

There are many trends that will change the way we do business. As I shared with Forbes readers, “People are buying based on customer experience when competitor product and price are relatively the same. Others can prepare by applying CX best practices. This includes obtaining the voice of the customer and leveraging insight to drive business decisions across the customer journey. It entails educating and engaging employees to deliver Continue Reading →

Stacy Sherman Podcast Interview

Beyond6Seconds Interviews Stacy Sherman

Listen to Stacy speak about a variety of topics including:

  • What inspired Stacy to start DoingCXRight back in 2017 and advice for others who are passionate about a topic yet don’t know how to get started.
  • How Stacy balances work, family, friends, blogging and all the other parts of her life by being intentional about how she spends her time.
  • Continue Reading →

CX Interview - Stacy Sherman

HFI Interviews Stacy Sherman: UX / CX Success Story

Human Factors International (HFI) interviews Stacy Sherman about her successes and achievements in designing best-in-class online buying experiences based on a focus on Customer Experiences (CX), User Design (UX) and a holistic test and learn approach. Learn about how she makes it easier for prospects to order products and services as well as enable existing customers to upgrade and add-on services with ease.  Continue Reading →

Forbes Quotes Stacy Sherman in Dec 2019 Article about DoingCXRight

How Marketing Teams Can Set Themselves Up For Success In 2020

Forbes asked 15 experts about the ideal way for marketing and communication departments to segue into a successful new year. My recommendation is to reflect on customer feedback. I advice “reading and discussing customer surveys and other sources of feedback. Bring cross-teams together and celebrate what was done to create happy Continue Reading →

Stacy Sherman and CX Leadership

CX Leadership & Overcoming Diversity Challenges

There’s an increasing amount of conversations about Women and Leadership, and I love it! I believe that the next generation, including my own daughter, will have more opportunities to share their voice, without judgments, and pursue jobs that had been traditionally filled by men. I was recently interviewed by Schindler Elevator Corporation, and speak a lot about pursuing one’s passion. Continue Reading →

Stacy Sherman & DoingCXRight

ForeSee (Verint) Interviews CX Expert Stacy Sherman (+ Video)

When I was leading CX at Verizon Wireless a few years ago, my team leveraged different platforms to measure customer and employee satisfaction. One of them was ForeSee, which has recently become Verint. The company interviewed me and shared my CX perspective at their events and company website. You can read a summary below and view the original article & video here.

Continue Reading →

Stacy Sherman Interview about Customer Experience

Future of Field Service Interviews Stacy Sherman

According to Field Technologies, improving customer experience was reported as the #1 strategic initiative for 76% of service organizations surveyed. While some of these field service organizations are really embracing CX and implementing a true strategy, others know that CX is something they should be focusing on, so they claim to have a “CX focus” without much actual strategy or action behind it. Read Stacy Sherman’s Interview in the debut issue of Field Services.

Stacy Sherman On Rutgers CX Panel

Rutgers CX Panel Discussion

In January 2018, Stacy Sherman joined a panel of experts at Rutgers from different industries to discuss a variety of CX topics with individuals looking to build a more customer-centric organization as well as advance their personal skills. Continue reading →

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