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While I write many articles about customer experiences, employee engagement & culture transformation for Forbes, this website and more, I also speak about these topics too. Below is a sampling of interviews, presentations at events and podcasts to increase your skills about ‪DoingCXRight®‬. Please CONTACT ME if you are interested in collaboration opportunities.   


Shep Hyken Interviews Stacy Sherman about DoingCXRight

Creating WOW Moments by Simply Being Human (CX Podcast)

I recently had the honor of being on Amazing Business Radio hosted by Shep Hyken. He’s a well-known customer service expert, New York Times bestselling author and award-winning keynote speaker. I’ve joined many podcasts and admit that this episode is one of my favorites because of the topic: The power of Wow Moments, why and how to create them.

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Stacy Sherman and Donna Carlson talk about CX and Leadership During Pandemic

Customer Experience & leadership during a Pandemic (podcast)

Leadership is an important topic and something I take seriously as a Mom and Woman Boss in charge of Customer Experience and Employee Engagement at a global corporation. I recently had the honor to be featured on Donna Carlsons’s podcast, as she collects strategies for 50 years to help people design a life of significance.

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Stacy Sherman Featured on Crack The Customer Code

How To Be Customer-Centric (CX Podcast)

It’s easy to talk about creating a customer-centric culture; there’s no doubt about that. But how it is actually done and put into practice is a different story. It requires a lot of community building and employee engagement initiatives to succeed. This topic is the theme of Crack The Customer Code podcast. (Thank you Adam Toporek and Jeannie Walters for having me on your show.)

Diving Deep on Voice of Customer with Stacy Sherman of DoingCXRight

Diving Deep on Voice of the Customer (Video Interview)

Are you incorporating customer feedback into your business? Do you understand why it’s so important and how it can differentiate your brand? Amplified Customer Experience, led by Janelle Mansfield, recently interviewed me about the trends in the realm of Voice of Customer (VOC) as well as CX.
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Andy Proctor Interviews Stacy Sherman about Customer Happiness

Transforming Business Through Happy Experiences

Everyone is used to interacting with a brand in transactional ways, but when a business can turn a transaction into a transformation, that’s when the magic happens! In our conversation, Andy Proctor, of More Happy Life, and I discuss how to make great customer experiences happen by starting at the top and moving down. Continue Reading →

Future of Field Services Interviews Stacy Sherman About NPS. Listen To Podcast Now.

Pros & Cons of Using NPS To Measure CX Success

Is “Net Promoter Score,” otherwise known as “NPS,” a good measurement of customer satisfaction. Many customer experience (CX) experts say yes. They depend on NPS as a sole metric to determine customers’ perceptions and feelings about their brand. However, others debate the validity and usefulness of Net Promoter Score, saying that Continue Reading →

Stacy Sherman Speaks at Raise Her Voice Ellevate Event About Diversity and Inclusion

Stacy Sherman Speaks About Diversity & Inclusion at National Event

Getting a “seat at the table” where decisions are made and working around “boys clubs” for years isn’t easy. I haven’t always been included even when discussions pertain to my job. Rather than feel stuck, I’ve shifted my attitude and intentionally advocate for the Diversity of Thoughts.

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Beyond 6 Seconds Interviews Stacy Sherman about DoingCXRight

Stacy Sherman’s Tips For Business & Personal Success

Carolyn Kiel, Host of Beyond 6 Seconds, features extraordinary stories from everyday people (new entrepreneurs, community volunteers & tech innovators, leaders +) and their triumphs & struggles. I’m honored to have been part of her podcast show and encourage DoingCXRight readers to listen to Continue Reading →

CX Interview - Stacy Sherman

HFI Interviews Stacy Sherman: UX / CX Success Story

Human Factors International (HFI) interviews Stacy Sherman about her successes and achievements in designing best-in-class online buying experiences based on a focus on Customer Experiences (CX), User Design (UX) and a holistic test and learn approach. Learn about how she makes it easier for prospects to order products and services as well as enable existing customers to upgrade and add-on services with ease.  Continue Reading →

Stacy Sherman and CX Leadership

CX Leadership & Overcoming Diversity Challenges

There’s an increasing amount of conversations about Women and Leadership, and I love it! I believe that the next generation, including my own daughter, will have more opportunities to share their voice, without judgments, and pursue leadership roles that have been traditionally filled by men. Earlier in 2019, I was interviewed by Schindler Elevator Corporation, and spoke a lot about pursuing one’s passion. Continue Reading →

12 Tips for communication success. Stacy Sherman In Forbes.

12 Experts Offer Advice For Onboarding Success

Communication is an essential skill for business and personal success. While it’s important for all employees to communicate well, it’s especially important for newcomers who work within the communications field. Continue Reading →

Stacy Sherman & DoingCXRight

ForeSee (Verint) Interviews CX Expert Stacy Sherman (+ Video)

When I was leading CX at Verizon Wireless a few years ago, my team leveraged different platforms to measure customer and employee satisfaction. One of them was ForeSee, which has recently become Verint. The company interviewed me and shared my CX perspective at their events and company website. You can read a summary below and view the original article & video here.

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Field Technologies Interviews Stacy Sherman about ‪DoingCXRight®‬

Practical Advice To Walk The CX Talk

According to a report released by Field Technologies in November, improving customer experience was reported as the #1 strategic initiative for 76 percent of service organizations surveyed. While some of these field service organizations are really embracing CX and implementing a true strategy, others I’ve encountered know that CX is something they should be focusing on, so they claim to have a “CX focus” without much actual strategy or action behind it.
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Stacy Sherman On Rutgers CX Panel

Rutgers CX Panel Discussion

In January 2018, Stacy Sherman joined a panel of experts at Rutgers from different industries to discuss a variety of CX topics with individuals looking to build a more customer-centric organization as well as advance their personal skills. Continue reading →

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