What happens when there are four passionate customer experience leaders in one zoom room? The answer: A whole lot of thought-provoking conversations about CX best practices and how-to tips.

Greg Melia, Annette Franz, Mary Drumon and I dive into important business topics including employee experiences, culture, customer satisfaction measurement, how to get into the CX field, and a lot more.

What I love most from the CX interview is that we share common views but have very different experiences that enable us to provide a wealth of useful information for listeners to take action. As I say, it’s essential that you are “DOING CX RIGHT” not TALKING about CX best practices.


Listen, learn, and apply our customer experience tactics wherever you work.


I’m interested to know CX best practices resonate most and any additional thoughts you have. Your feedback matters!

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stacy sherman's co-authored book about customer experience best practices