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Many companies want to use customer experience, but are they really embracing its essence?  Businesses often think it is about customers being happy in terms of ‘customer satisfaction.’  The point is really customer experience is about much more than satisfaction. To be a company that embraces customer experience is to embrace cultural change. We all know that change can be difficult, and it can be challenging to get people on board with it but achievable with the right focus and team.

I encourage you to listen to my podcast episode, Customer Experience by Design, hosted by Gary David. We talk about the conception and birth of customer experience. We dive deep into its coming of age and the growing pains associated with early adolescents, how it is finding an identity in its adulthood, and where it may be going as it ages. 

We also talk about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in customer experience as a profession and practice. Finally, we talk about what we can learn from the pop band The Go-Gos about customer experience.

If you haven’t seen the Go Go’s documentary, I highly recommend watching it.

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