Customer Service Secrets Leveraging Tools & Technology

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Stacy Sherman joins Gabe Larsen to discuss how to leverage tools and technology to improve customer experiences. Listen to favorites and recommendations, originally posted on Kustomer Podcast  


Today we talk about tools in technology for making the life of customers easier with the head of customer experience and employee engagement for the global company called Schindler Elevator Corporation, Stacy Sherman. She tells and updates us on the current situation with customer experience tech, and then what we should be using still and how we should be adapting/changing to meet current standards. She emphasizes the importance of establishing employee and company culture to maintain a high performing work environment.

Stacy’s background 1:14

Current environment of technology 2:53

Can you use the standard methodology? Or should you change? 8:02

The importance of culture 10:23

“How do leaders be able to really aggregate the voice of the customer and be able to have a pulse of what is going on from structured data, like surveys, and unstructured, social media, rating, and reviews, and so much more. That’s where it wins. That’s where the game changes when companies are using tools to be able to listen, respond, close the loop easily.” 5:36

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It is devoted to sharing highly coveted secrets from customer service, customer support, and customer experience professionals across industries. The host of this podcast, Gabe Larsen, the VP of Growth at Kustomer, shares his own experiences in the customer service and customer experience space, while also drawing on the knowledge of experts and thought leaders who are making strides in their various fields. The goal of his podcast is to give the listener knowledge that they can apply directly to their own career, regardless of their job title, in each and every episode.

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