Increasing Trust For Long Term Customer and Employee Relationships

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Podcast Summary About Building and Sustaining Trust For Long Term Relationships 

Trust is a vital element of relationships. So, how do you build trust with employees and customers? How can you be a better leader to gain a sustainable competitive business advantage too?

Charles Green has studied and taught the science of becoming a trusted advisor for the last decade. He’s created the Trust Equation™ which includes four principles: credibility, reliability, intimacy, and self-orientation. We talk about these topics and actionable tactics from his books and seminars so that you can show up as your best authentic self and achieve real success.

During the episode, you’ll hear us discuss:

  • What does trust really mean and how you can be perceived as more genuine
  • What is Trust Formula is about and how to measure one’s trustworthiness
  • How to recover and regain trust when mistakes happen
  • The biggest myth about trust
  • Which is better- private or public recognition, and when to take action
  • Ways to build professional intimacy and why it matters to sustain relationships
  • Where ego comes into the trust equation and its purpose
  • What are credibility-enhancing behaviors to elevate trust quickly
  • How does trust come into play on social media and ways to build credibility


    Take the FREE Trust Assessment >HERE. You’ll get a summary with actionable tips based on your score.

    I also recommend taking Charles’s courses. You will:

    Gain the benefits of learning how to build trust in relationships
    Learn to leverage your strengths and improve your opportunities
    Benefit from valuable tools to build trust and build business


    Learn more About Charles Green and his Trust Equation >HERE

    Charle’s website. 

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