Voices of CX Interviews Stacy Sherman about Customer Excellence & The Frontline

Engaging The Front Line To Deliver Customer Excellence

How do you engage customer-facing employees to deliver customer excellence every day? I had the opportunity to join Mary Drumond on the “Voices Of CX” podcast to discuss proven techniques to build a customer-centric culture, and why it’s important for business success. Achieving customer excellence doesn’t happen overnight or by accident. It requires ongoing practice and execution of best practices, which you’ll learn from our conversation.   

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Stacy Sherman Joins Voices of CX Podcast Show To Discuss Ways To Increase Customer Excellence.

Considering all the superstars Mary has interviewed, I’m honored to have been a guest on the show. Thank you again Mary Drumond. Tell us what you think about the episode. What resonates most? What will you do differently at your workplace as a result of listening?

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