International Best Selling Customer Experience Book

International Best Selling Customer Experience Book

Qualtrics just released the Top 10 Customer Experience books to read in 2021, and I’m proud to share the list with you. All the CX  books are top-notch, but I especially recommend my co-authored Customer Experience book because it provides a variety of expert views located across the world. 

Twenty-four international Customer Experience professionals, including me, share proven strategies and tactics for achieving business success through world-class best-practices. 

What You’ll Learn From Me In The Customer Experience book:

1. How and why Voice of Customer (VoC) can be your game changer.

2. Tacticatal ways to get insights and use data to inform business decisions

3. Techniques to engage employees and differentiate your brand.

4. What NOT to do in your CX practice.


    To inspire you to pursue YOUR PASSIONS, sharing words of wisdom from my experience:

    • When there’s a will, there is a way.
    • Go with your gut when opportunity knocks
    • Teamwork makes the dream work.
    • Don’t let fear stop you
    • Do what you love. Love what you do. Share your expertise.
    • A pandemic doesn’t stop goal attainment.

    Listen To A Preview of CX book as Ian Golding interviews me and co-authors.


    More customer experience book topics include:

    • Ten Things About Customer Experience I Wish I’d Known Earlier
    • Get Ready… Get Serious… PLAY!
    • Why Every CX Initiative Benefits From EX
    • The Untold Recruitment Story – From Transactional To CX
    • Three Never-Ending Dilemmas Of Customer Experience
    • Customer-Centric Culture: The Only Strategic Competitive Advantage
    • How To Measure And Manage It
    • Organization Adoption And Accountability
    • CX Transformation – From Design To Implementation And Adoption Customer Experience
    • Using Agility And Collaboration To Create Effective CX Believers
    • From Customer Service To Customer Care – Organisational Alignment To Create Better Customer Outcomes
    • People First – Why Should We Care?
    • Behavioural Science – The Importance Of Designing Customer Experiences With Humanity
    • Treatment Of Customer Experience And Evolution To Omnichannel Customer Journeys
    • CX Metrics, Measurement, And ROI
    • Dollars and Sense: The Cost Of Quality In Customer Experiences
    • Business Acumen That Every CX Leader Needs To Develop Customer Experience
    • What Really Matters Most To Customers
    • Fast Track Your CX Plans With A Rating Metric
    • Net Promoter Score The Magic Number For Your Business
    • David Vs Goliath: How To Attain And Maintain A Competitive Advantage
    • Launch An ‘Out-Of-This-World’ CX Strategy
    • Customer Experience Recovery: Why Planning For Failure Will Help You To Succeed

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