Join “Women Creating Our Futures” Event

Join “Women Creating Our Futures” Event

Inclusion and diversity are gaining more focus, especially in the workplace. I love it because so many women like me have had to work extra hard in the corporate world to get where we are today. Given my mission to create and inspire better experiences so that REAL human connections and happiness can exist….

I am thrilled to inform you of “Women Creating Our Futures” Conference on January 15-17, 2021 led by my “famous” friend, Cynthia James. She is an admirable lady who is making a difference for women and all humans on a global level. (Check out her podcast show where I got to be a guest speaker).

The theme of 6 th annual conference is THE STRENGTH OF A WOMAN. It’s designed to provide a heartfelt, extraordinary experience.

This event is not another online conference. The inspiring speakers, extraordinary singers, dance troupes (yes, dancers!), innovative panelists, business experts, and intimate break-out rooms will provide attendees much value to create a better future. Each woman in attendance will leave feeling strong and committed to her next steps in building a powerful life.

The video below provides a good preview of what’s to come.


There are tons of details about the women speakers, agenda, etc.

Please use my link. Full transparency: I get credit for referrals. Even if I didn’t, I’d still recommend this event and plan to attend too! 


Willing to be Courageous

Possibility Thinkers

Creative and Expressive

Strong Voices on the Planet

Unapologetic about Who They Are

What else would you add to this list?

Welcoming you to join and share your authentic views in my Women Leaders Making a Difference LinkedIn Community. There’s no hidden agenda or selling allowed. It’s about women empowerment all year round. 

Strength of Women Conference. Learn more at

Customer Experience Quotes Of The Day

Customer Experience Quotes Of The Day

Sometimes the best business and life lessons come from short simple quotes. You’ll often see me posting on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to get my readers thinking in new ways and ultimately taking action.

As my website says, we need to be DOING CX RIGHT, not just TALKING! In case you’ve missed my social media customer experience quotes of the day, I’m adding them here too as they never get old. In fact, learning is an ongoing practice.

I encourage you to elevate your skills by reading my blog, listening to podcasts, getting CX certified, and talking to me about differentiating your brand based on proven tactics. There’s no need to guess. I’ll show you the way.

CX Quotes of the day:Actively listen and respond to customers. Don't sound like a robot or reading from a script.
CX Quotes of the day: The first step to exceeding you're customer's expectations is to know those expectations.
CX Quotes of the day: The most common way people give up power is thinking they don't have any.
cx quotes of the day: what you do today can impact your tomorrows
CX Quote of the day: Ask customers for feedback. Voice of customer can be your game changer when done right.
When employees feel engaged, brands come alive. They walk the talk & customers see & feel it!
CX Quote of the day by Stacy Sherman
Don't let fear of responses be a reason you don't ask employees and customers for feedback
Recruit & hire customer centric individuals to achieve your cx mission. It's all about people.
Stacy Sherman- DoingCXRight Quote of the day "Surround yourself around authentic people. Hire and retain them. Attitude Is Contagious"

5 Reasons to Get CX Certified & University Recommendations

5 Reasons to Get CX Certified & University Recommendations

Delivering great customer experiences has become a top priority for many companies. Given the increased focus, employees and leaders with CX skills are in great demand. While on the job training and reading books provide great learnings, getting CX certified from a formal university program can accelerate your career. It did for me and that’s why I recommend you do the same.


  1. FLEXIBILITY & CONVENIENCE. You can take CX course online. There’s no deadline to finish and can begin the class right now.
  2. COURSE CONTENT. You’ll gain access to helpful tools and templates that you can bring back to your job to make an immediate impact.
  3. TEACHERS EXPERTISE. Classes are taught by CX leaders across different industries. They share meaningful and relevant examples that reinforce the coursework including developing personas and journey maps, CX measurements, building a CX culture, and more.
  4. NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES: Connect with people who have instituted successful CX programs at their workplace.
  5. UNIVERSITY BASED COURSE. The program is not a seminar or conference.


($995 instead of $4k+ this month)

I’ve been able to get DoingCXRight readers a significant discount for anyone who gets certified at any of the universities listed above.  I’m offering a promotion because I want to see more people in the CX field. There’s plenty of room for all of us!

Besides a discount, I can help you:

  • Elevate your personal brand and position you as a CX Leader on your resume, social media, etc.
  • Create an impressive capstone project that helps your career.
  • Apply CX methodologies i.e. Journey mapping at your company to gain a competitive edge.
  • Get introduced to experts and communities to expand your CX network.
  • And much more.


Design Thinking

  • Navigating Through Disruption with New Strategic Models
  • New Models for Hiring, Retaining & Growing People for the Future
  • Fostering a Culture of Innovation
  • Sustaining Growth with Best Practices for Organizational Design & Governance

Going Virtual

  • The Future of Big Data Security
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • The Blockchain Revolution
  • Data Analytics Platforms & Tools
  • Managing a Global Operation


  • What’s the Big Deal about Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity Insurance Strategy & Risk Alignment
  • Risk Quantification, Vulnerability & Compliance
  • Managing Through a Breach & difficult times


Contact me at any time. I’d be happy to share my education experience and guide you to elevate your leadership in the world of CX.